In fact, you’ve already learned the features of Georgian national cuisine from the previous post. Now let’s talk about the thing, which awaits you after you’ve already eaten and when you are able (it is very important!) to stand up and go to have some fun, go out and see the beauty of this country:) 


Firstly. All Georgians are terribly fond of being photographed. No matter the age, the sex, the look and even if they see you the first time. Do not be surprised if a citizen seeing you with a camera, or smiling cheerful company of 10 people will come up to you and ask you to take a picture. It is just their normal model of behavior. These people do not interested in any gain, so they will not ask you to send them photos via e-mail or mail. They just (JUST!) want you to be photographed, smiling and showing the world the joy. They enjoy the process of photographing.  



Sometimes it happens that you are going on the road with a camera, and a bus with schoolchildren passes by. And then the bus can stop, and schoolchildren can run out just in order to take a picture with you because you are the guest! Seriously.



But if you have decided to take a picture of an interesting old man, who sells second-hand sewing machines (cameras, pliers, etc.) at a flea market, or beautiful saleswoman of churchkhela at the market in Tbilisi, just do it freely. They will be very glad and they will tell you that they just dream about having their son or grandchildren saw their beautiful photos in the Internet.



By the way, if you are female tourist and if you were invited to a restaurant or cafe by any male company, do not be afraid! If you do not want, you can refuse politely. If you are interested in it, agree fearlessly. The concept of sexual harassment in Georgia is softened to the limit. It means that there is nothing to hide, that the proposal to treat is just a proposal to treat and nothing more. A man, who decided to tell you about khinkali or shashlik and to treat you, has only one purpose — to show pride for the country, in which he lives, and for people, who know how to cook well.



In Georgia you can freely walk around at night without fearing for your life, health and property, because the level of street crime is almost at zero. Especially in the central regions, which are perfectly lighted and guarded. And the level of friendliness is much higher than in Ukraine or Russia.



By the way!


A Georgian will not ask about your permanent place of residence before he tells you how to get to the place you need, to the monument, etc. Firstly, you will be treated royally, and then you will be asked about your habitat place.



However, for those who need to know the tourist route, the necessary mode of transport and its schedule, there are specially trained people working in the Tourist Information Center in Tbilisi, where you can go at any moment. There they will tell you about everything: the departure of a train to Batumi, and how to get to the narrow gauge railway Borjomi-Bakuriani, what to buy before the excursion to the Borjomi Gorge, etc. So do not worry about it.




And more! Do you remember when I told that all Georgia at night is illuminated?



So! Palms are illuminated with bright green light! And the fountains are illuminated with different colours:)


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