I think that every tourist should leave airport to visit duty free or by arriving in another country take a walk in the shopping district. It applies both to warm countries, as well as trips to Europe. What can I say, even being on a tropical island, tourists always visit shops.  Of course, Czech Republic has never been an exception in this system.


But before we begin our talk about shopping in Prague, let us specify what we expect from a shopping trip. A lot of people buy only a couple of gifts in the form of a cup of Bohemian porcelain and magnets on the fridge with the word “Prague”. Such stuff can be bought in almost every shop. For other people shopping abroad is a huge assortment of goods with fabulous year-round discounts on all collections, the highest quality at low cost; famous brands. In Prague the situation with shopping is a bit complicated. I have prepared a short review for this category of tourists. The review is taken place from two positions: from the position of inveterate shopaholic and from the position of shopaholic amateur.



Shopaholic amateur

Prague is quite a good place for shopaholic amateur, who likes to travel abroad. It is pleasant and comfortable to do shopping here, because shops with clothing and accessories are located in the historic center of town. Moreover, Europe in contrast to the CIS has the discount season. It is impossible to face such situation here: “»Oh, you know, the discount is only on the laces”.

So you can spend here almost all your money. People, who came to Prague from provinces, would be impressed by nice prices and abundance of goods. If you are not familiar with a lot of brands of clothes, you risk to be amazed not only by the goods, but also by the prices. 59 crowns for shorts, 89 for shirt, 159 for pullover, oh, hold me!


You should visit H&M, Zara, NewYorker (6 floors of clothes with microscopic prices). I’m sure, that you will definitely buy something interesting there. In particular, do not forget about shopping malls. We will talk about it later. So, in Prague shopaholic amateur can find everything that his heart desires. Relax and enjoy.



The second level. Inveterate shopaholic.


Well, Prague can offer almost nothing for inveterate shopaholics. The only thing that pleases the eye is clothing in casual style. In general, the range of the brands is almost the same as in Kiev. They are well-known Zara, Mango, Benetton, Orsay, H&M – I can continue indefinitely. The abundance of cheap casual shops and brands is due to low demand in the luxury clothing.

The thing is that the Czechs do not pay a lot attention to their look. Clothes for men and women are jeans, shirts / tops /pullover and a backpack. In the evening backpack is put off and accessories are put on. When Czech women go to a party, they usually wear evening dresses in the style of «Granny’s Chest» and Czech men usually put on wide-sized suits, which were taken from the older brother or father for one night.

In general, for the person looking here for something like Milan or Paris, Prague is a complete disappointment. Well, I’ve told you about casual wear: the advantages of shopping in Prague are season discounts in stores (Zara, H&M, etc.), as well as the high density of shops in the city centre, which makes the shopping trip a great pastime for whole day. The disadvantage is that the brands and prices are the same as we have in Kiev or Moscow.

Now let’s talk about shoes. In Prague the situation with shoes is bad. The only normal shop is Bat’a. The shop selling Czech shoes is situated in the heart of the city and has 5 floors. Shoes are not inexpensive and of high quality. It is quite possible to buy leather shoes for not a big price.

You will ask: but what about clothes from the famous Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace and Roberto Cavalli? And I will please you: Prague has all these brands. But unfortunately, the prices are too high.

Perhaps you could buy underwear by Calvin Klein for better price than at home, but you couldn’t buy a lot of discount stuff by Dolce or Armani.

As in any self-respecting capital, in Prague there is a street of expensive boutiques, which begins from the Old Town Square. There you can find handbags by Louis Vuitton, shoes by Lacoste, watches by Cartier. Well, experienced people should read this paragraph, because experienced shoppers know that the jeans in Prague by D&G for 450 euro instead of 550-600 euro (Moscow and Kiev prices) is not a discount, the discount is when the same pair of jeans costs 100-200 euro (Milan). So take into account that the flight from Prague to Milan and back costs about 60-70 euro. I hope this information will be useful for you.)))

A couple of words about the accessories: there are a lot of them in Prague and they are by Swarovski. I do not know the price for this crystal-joy in Moscow or Kiev, but in Prague during the season you can buy a nice gift at a discount of 50% with international warranty. If suddenly something happens with crystals, you can change them to new ones in any branch in the world. The main thing is that the branch has to be real.

Where are these shops situated? Addresses and passwords.


There are a lot of big shopping centers in Prague, but their range varies slightly, so there is absolutely no point to visit them all. Especially if you do not have much time. The largest and most accessible shopping mall is Palladium. It is located near the old city (for example, near the Old Town Square or Vatslavak). You can start a tour from this shopping center.

It is worth to mention Arkady Pankrac (subway Pankrac, red line). By the way, there are some shops selling expensive branded clothing in it. If you want to buy something with letters “D&G”, you can try to go there. Maybe you will lucky with the price.

Also there are such large shopping centers in Prague: Novy Smichov, Galerie Butovice, and Letňany. I think Letňany is one of the largest. But it is located far from the center.

You can also visit the Fashion Arena if you have time. It is located not on the subway station, so you will have to get there on bus too. Probably, it is all about shopping in Prague. When you will be tired from shops, you can visit my café. A cup of Brazilian coffee and refreshing glass of Borjomi are guaranteed for you.


I wish you successful shopping and a good day.

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