Vegetarianism is a deliberate move, but sometimes after the decision the question arises: what food shall I eat and in what way? Expand your creativity, buy necessary products and courageously experiment with combinations.

So here are the products for those, who have decided to become a vegetarian.


Cereals, breads and nuts.


1. Rolled oats (morning oatmeal based on the water with nuts and raisins, in cut form — the basis for baking oatmeal cookies, cheesecakes)

2. Wild rice and basmati rice (as a separate dish or with vegetables)

3. Pumpkin seeds (for salads)

4. Sunflower seeds (for dishes and salads)

5. Pine nuts (for dishes and salads)

6. Walnuts (separately or add them to vegetable soup)

7. Almonds

8. Sesame seeds (suitable for most dishes)

9. Mixed nuts

10. Raisins or dried cranberries, prunes, apricots and so on


11. Buckwheat — (with onions and carrots, with vegetables, herbs and spices, with ketchup and so on)

12. Millet (as a separate dish or morning porridge)

13. Peas, lentils, all kinds of dry beans, chickpeas (the basis for soups and the main source of vegetable protein)

14. Pasta, rice noodles

15. Pack of couscous (tomato salad with herbs, the basis for the dish of hot vegetables)


Fresh Vegetables

(Or frozen)



1. Potatoes (yours best friend, the basis of many dishes, casseroles, pancakes, soups)

2. Onions (your second best friend, you can add it to almost all the dishes)

3. A pack of spinach (for pies, casseroles, soups, omelets)

4. Eggplant (grilled vegetables, salads, pizza)

5. Vegetable marrows (grilled vegetables, pies, soups)

6. Carrots (add into the vegetable patties, carrots are the base of most soups)

7. Herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro, onion) — anytime, anywhere!

8. Leeks – add into the salads

9. Pumpkin — you can bake it and add it into salads, stew

10. Cucumbers — Salads

11. Celery — salads, soups

12. Tomatoes — salads, soups, pasta, pizza

13. Cherry tomatoes

14. The root of fresh ginger is a priceless ginger drink. You can grate it and boil in water with lemon and honey. You can also use it as seasoning for any food, it will give an exotic piquancy instead of garlic)

15. Lemons — always paired with olive oil for splitting of saturated fats

16. A lot of garlic — always and everywhere, the best friend number 3

17. Broccoli-for casseroles, soups, grilled vegetables, bake with cheese or an egg, boil it in combination with other vegetables

18. Mixed salads (pick your favorites or you can choose rukolla)

19. Avocado is a source of excellent nutritional fats. You can add it into salads or use it instead of butter or as a separate meal (porridge)

20. Sweet peppers (in salads, grilled vegetables, soups, omelets)

21. Beets (it can be the base of borsch or cooked with pickled cucumbers or you can eat it with prunes and walnuts — yum yum)

22. Corn and peas, the variety of salads and soups, it can be the addition to rice or grilled vegetables.



1. Thyme

2. Oregano

3. Rosemary

4. Basil and so on

5. Coriander

6. Cinnamon

7. Cayenne pepper

8. Cumin

9. Black pepper




1. Olive oil

2. Sesame oil cold pressed


And a lot of mineral water.



Plus (for those, who allow themselves such products)

Dairy and eggs:


Sour cream

Mayonnaise (preferably home-made: egg yolks of olive oil and salt)


Cheese: mozzarella, parmesan, feta cheese — always and everywhere.

But of course, it is better not to give up eating cheese gradually.



Salt, sugar (fructose would be better)




Dark chocolate 70% or higher.


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