Some people think that our planet shall be called Water than Earth, because for the most part it is covered with water. I wonder whether there is an attraction of «Borjomi»?

For this experiment we will need the tube, a funnel, chemical dropper, and water «Borjomi» (of course). Also we will need something else, which is hardly can be associated with physics.

Pour water «Borjomi” by using chemical pipette into a chemical hopper, which is connected with the tube and placed vertically. Dropper allows us to get a stream with a laminar flow (without turbulence and splashing). It looks exactly like a glass stick.

If we bring a pen or other physical body nearer to the steam, we will see no deviation. The steam is vertical as it was before.


Now rub a pen on a wool sweater.  In this case the electrification of the pen and the sweater happens due to the separation of electric charges. The pen will get a positive sign of electrical charge.

And now bring the pen nearer to the laminar steam of ‘Borjomi’. What can we see? The steam is drawing up!


Change the direction of the stream and repeat the experiment. And in this case we can see an absolute stream deviation from the original trajectory. By the way, we can use electrified hair comb instead of the pen.

The attraction of «Borjomi» happens due to the fact that the dissimilar electrical charges are attracted.

The body of pen (or comb) has a positive charge and in the «Borjomi» water there are negative charged ions, which are moving in the direction of the stream, forming an electric current.


Well, for me (and for many other people, even if they are not physicists) water «Borjomi» attracts due to its QUALITY!







The Laminar flow of the stream

The trajectory of the stream does not change when you bring a pen nearer

Charge the pen by rubbing it on wool

The stream is drawing up to the pen

Send the stream at the angle to the horizon

The trajectory is changing

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