Many of us have almost completely excluded water from the daily diet. Alas, all these drinks only allow to cheer up and get a buzz. But such drinks are not water and what is more, they destroy the water structure, which doesn’t allow water to work with the cells. The body quickly gets rid of such drinks by taking from them the water-soluble substances, which are often harmful to the organism. And if you drink water, it will work in the body by washing out harmful substances from the intercellular spaces.

Chemical reactions are always happening in your organism and if you haven’t drunk water for a long time, it will lead to the fact, that your urine becomes dark and then muddy — this is the first signal of water shortage in the body.

If you do not provide the body with the normal conditions of waste disposal, harmful molecules (toxins) will accumulate in the organs and tissues. In extreme cases tumor cell degeneration could happen. To prevent it the cells of the immune system and antibodies will help you. They can structure water by themselves and «burn» the enemy with the help of reactive oxygen forms.


If you continue to live without drinking water, you will get the stones in the kidneys or in the gall bladder and many other diseases. The organism gives a large number of signals about water scarcity (and about the lack of other essential chemical elements) and each person has his\her own individual signals, which depend on the importance of the organs for the organism and on the reduction of the organs. It is like the law of nature: the weak dies firstly.


Mineral water has the most effective influence on health. It contains chemical elements in an ionic electrically active state. Water carries the information of past centuries and it can affect the body even at the genetic level. These waters are extracted from a depth of several hundred meters. The water requires ages to overcome this distance, so nowadays we drink mineral water, which had been spilled hundreds of years ago when the environment was harmless. And now it carries the sort of positive information, which was in those days. Macro-and microelements, which were dissolved by water and were saved in water, will help in the treatment and prevention of diseases. The value of mineral waters depends on its composition and quantity of elements.

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