Quinsy is an infectious disease, which is characterized by the inflammation of the tonsils located in the gullet on the both sides of uvula and soft palate.

The beginning of the disease is acute. The sick feels discomfort and heaviness in the head, pain while swallowing, dryness and soreness in the throat. It seems to the sick that the throat has narrowed (hence arose the name «quinsy,» which in Latin means «to compress», «to restrain»). The body temperature rises. Local changes in the throat, depending on the degree of affection, give evidence of increase and redness of the tonsils (catarrhal quinsy), the formation of purulent fur on the surface of tonsils (follicular angina),in some cases the appearance of purulent fur in the hollows of the tonsils – lacunas (lacunar angina). It is possible that lymph nodes will also increase in size.

In the early days of the disease (up to normalization of body temperature) bed rest should be kept. The food for the patient should be varied and rich in vitamins. Recommended dishes and beverages are: broth, gruel, steam cutlets, jelly, plenty of drink (warm milk with alkaline mineral water, tea with lemon). Patient should not eat spicy, coarse and hot food. It is necessary to do procedures prescribed by the doctor, including frequent gargling. It is recommended to use the following solution: a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of salt, a pinch of baking soda and 3 drops of iodine. In order to reach deep parts of the pharynx the patient throw his head back while gargling. During the procedure patient should hold breath in order to prevent the hit of the liquid into windpipe. The duration of the procedure of gargling is no more than 2-3 minutes. It is also recommended sprays and warm compresses for the throat.


Angina is a contagious disease, so the patient uses his own separate bowl and a towel. Caregivers should wash their hands frequently. Dishes, which were used by patient, are thoroughly washed and boiled for 10-15 minutes. The clothes of the patient are washed separately. Near the bed of the patient a jar for spitting of saliva is put.


Usually the disease lasts for 7-8 days and ends with recovery. But there is another outcome, especially if the patient asked the doctor too late or failed to fulfill the prescriptions of doctor.


Angina refers to the insidious disease; it has a major impact on the entire body. It can cause inflammation in the kidneys, rheumatism, damage of joints.


Preventive measures can be divided into individual and general. Hypothermia is one of the causes of angina, so it is recommended hardening of the body from the very first months of life (water procedures, air and sun baths, physical training), as well as local hardening procedures, such as systematic gargling with chilled water.

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