As a rule in the spring our body is weakened due to lack of vitamins, fresh air and sunlight. Fresh vegetables and fruits, which are available on supermarket shelves all year round, do not save us, because there are not so much nutrients in them. And for our bodies winter does not pass without a trace: short daylight hours and weather vagaries force us to reduce the stay outside to a minimum. Prolonged winter holidays leave in our organism a lot of “rubbish”.

The typical spring condition is a chronic lack of sleep, inertia and body fatigue in the morning. However, you should not cry or frighten. It is enough to know and follow some effective rules, and then any time of year will sparkle with bright colors.

First of all, you should give your body what he has wanted since December: fresh air and movement. Yes, yes, the rule « to take one stop to your home or office on foot» is elementary, but it works. It is better, of course, not to walk along the highway, but to take a walk in the park. Also do not be lazy to get outside at lunch time: walking every day for half an hour during the week and it will become much easier to focus on work tasks. Physical activity will also help to get rid of spleen and general sluggishness: from the usual morning exercises to the full training at the gym or pool.


«And how do you get rid of excess weight?»

Those who carefully read the article from the beginning will certainly ask: “what shall we do with the “garbage” in our bodies? Exercises and breathing are good, but how should we clean the organism?” And you will be absolutely right. Few people can go to the water resort to spend a month or two in order to cleanse the body like our grandmothers did. But we throw “garbage” much more intensively than our grandmothers. And it is not necessary to leave everything and go to the Caucasus. Also it is not necessary to sit on a rigid diet because an unbalanced diet can have bad consequences for health. What is more, thanks to the progress we have an excellent opportunity to purify your body at any time: even while standing in traffic or working at the computer. Thus, nutritionists advise us to bring mineral water «Borjomi» into our diet. “Borjomi” is like a shower inside; it cleanse the body from the «garbage».


«Because of the unfavorable environmental conditions and the way of nutrition the human is acid outside and inside «: the acid-base balance (pH) of the body is displaced to the acid side. The slag blockage of the body leads to the consequences, which are known to everyone. Regular consumption of mineral water «Borjomi» allows you to normalize the pH, which provides optimal conditions for metabolic processes in the body. The thing is that Borjomi regulates the bowels and eliminate impurities. The huge advantage of mineral water «Borjomi» is in its effectiveness for preventing and treating diseases of the digestive system, and also for enhancing immunity, «- says Victor Tsipriyan, professor, Head of Food Hygiene of NMU named after Bogomolets.


Such unique properties of «Borjomi» are due to its origin. Mineral water is extracted from the nine wells with depths ranging from 1200 to 1500 meters. They are located in the National Park of Borjomi called Kharagauli, the nature of which is untouched. Thanks to the volcanic origin of the mineral water «Borjomi», it can rise to the surface in the form of warm stream (t 38-41C) without any pump from a depth of 8-10 km. Unique water «Borjomi» is over 1500 years old according to the natural standards. On the way to the ground it enriches a composition of 60 different minerals, which present in rocks of the Caucasus Mountains.

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