Claudia Cardinale


«I usually buy cosmetics in order to dispel depression and bad mood. When unpleasant thoughts or feelings are beginning to overcome me, I go to the perfume shop and buy a lot of useless things. I always use my usual cosmetics; I don’t like to cover my face with tone. I apply just a small amount of powder. The only thing I do: apply makeup on my eyes.

I think I’m not fat because I follow the diet very strictly: in the morning I have tea (not coffee!) with toasts, and then I eat at 13.00 and in the evening. I do not even eat between meals. Even fruits. When I start to feel hunger, I drink a glass of water.»

Catherine Deneuve

The problem of weight


«This problem arose for me as soon as I quit smoking. I’m losing weight quite easily, but it’s difficult for me to maintain a stable weight. After the vacation I have to sit on a diet. Of course, I do not eat dessert after lunch. I almost do not eat sugar. Although I must confess that I love sweets. I take a lot of water. I always organize fasting day for myself before the shooting. During such fasting day I eat nothing, but drink vegetable or fruit juices. I am the follower of separate nutrition.


I eat small amount of meat and I never combine it with carbohydrate food. I eat fruits separately from other food. I also eat eggs produced by my own hens. Oh yes, I do have hens in the village. Unfortunately, the body requires from us a lot of care. Though I confess, that most of the time I still spend on the care of face.


Beatrice BRON (The Head of Lancome Beauty Institute)


«No sun, no alcohol. I do not smoke. But I eat all products. Meat, fish and even cakes …. But in very small amounts. I do not drink tea and coffee. I prefer to drink mineral water and herbal teas. These beverages relax the nervous system.”

Beatrice does gymnastics 2 times a week for 1 hour 15 minutes, but some of the exercises she always does if there is free time. They can be done even at work. Here are some of them:

Sit on a chair, embrace your knees by wrists. Try to expand hands by moving your knees. But at the same time hands must resist. And vise versa. You train your arms, thighs and belly muscles. 

And here is another exercise for the muscles of arms and chest. Imagine that you are holding the roll of elastic threads at the level of your chest. You pull it apart, but it resists.

Bron gives another tip: always walk with your back straight and with slightly raised chin.

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