Who likes to wake up early in the morning? How do you start your morning? But a good start of your day determines your mood. The recipe for «good morning» is simple: the main thing is to slow down the rhythm and avoid disturbing fussiness.

Therefore it is better not to lie in bed for a few minutes, but to do such a pleasant ritual of waking up:


Take a shower

Immediately after waking up take a nice shower for the entire body instead of washing the face. Strong jets of water will help your body to wake up faster.


Listen to music.

Pleasant music will help you to wake up and it will open a new day for you. Choose any kind of music: it can be loud energetic or lyric, depending on your mood today.


Stretch yourself

Such a lovely and simple movement activates the cardiovascular system and signals the body about the need to engage in work. Begin to stretch from the leg muscles and then stretch the whole body. Notice how your mood starts to improve: it is because of «happy hormones” endorphins.



Everyone has her\his own culinary preferences, but give the opportunity to your stomach and intestines to wake up: take a glass of warm water before breakfast or eat some fruits or yogurt.


Tea, coffee, cappuccino

Do you have a habit to drink coffee to wake up? In fact, it’s not the most efficient way. There are many variants to finish your breakfast: do not forget about green tea, juices, fruit drinks and mineral water.


Look through the latest press

Do you know that the most effective way to wake up is reading? Find a couple of minutes in the morning to look through your favorite magazine or read a few pages of new and interesting book.


Change the route

Change from time to time the route to your work. So in the morning you will get a portion of new emotions and such procedure will paint your day in new colors.

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