Consumption of Borjomi is one of the best ways to prevent kidney stones. Borjomi «lubricates» the joints, thereby fulfilling the role of shock absorber for the spinal cord. It also regulates body temperature and provides elasticity. Water is essential for normal digestion.



A human acutely feels the change of water content in the body. A human can live without water only for few days.

• The loss of water up to 2% of body weight(1-1,5 L) causes thirst, the loss of 6-8% causes faint and dizzy,

• The shortage of 10% causes hallucinations; swallowing disorder

• When water loss is 12% of body weight, the person dies.



• Drink plenty of water before a trip, during of which you will not be able to drink water regularly;

• Being in an airplane where the air is a dry as in the desert, drink water at 1 cup per flight hour;


• Before going out in hot weather, drink 1 or 2 glasses of water. Do not get carried away drinking on the heat, because it can cause sweating and as a consequence — dehydration;



The brain consists of 75% of water, so the dehydration of the brain causes strong stress of the brain cells. Dehydration adversely affects vital body functions, weakening it and making it vulnerable to diseases.



It may seem strange, but human should drink more water during the cold weather too. Body expends more energy and a lot of water while breathing when the weather is cold.



Water demand for adult in the middle lane is 2,5-3L per day. In the U.S. the norm is 1 liter of water per 1000 kcal. Scientists have estimated that some amount of water (1,5 – 2L) contain food and drinks; about 3% (0.3 liters) of water is formed as a result of biochemical processes in the body. Thus, water demand is approximately 1.2 -1.5 liters per day.



• Drink more water when you have increased body temperature;

• More water is required for pregnant women and nursing mothers;



• For each additional degree when body temperature is above 37 ° C water demand increases for 10%

•The physical work of moderate difficulty requires 4-5L of water per day

• Hard work outdoors requires 6L of water per day; work in hot shop water consumption can increase up to 15 liters.



The consumption of caffeine and alcohol leads to dehydration. Each drunk cup of coffee or portion of alcohol requires extra glass of water or Borjomi



• Studies have shown: if an athlete is forced himself to drink more water than his feeling of thirst requires, his stamina increases.



Smoking also leads to dehydration. If you smoke, you should drink more water. It is better to drink Borjomi.



German scientists conducted tests on student-volunteers. And they came to the conclusion that those, who drink more beverages and water, show better self-control and gift for creativity than those, who drink less.

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