The name of Peter I is associated not only with «Russian Venice” (St. Petersburg), coffee, French, misalliance and beardless nobles, but also with mineral water.

The first hydrotherapy spa, the resort and something like a research institute were built in Zaonezhie at the time of his reign. The brightest minds of the state could make researches concerning mineral water in this institute.

Peter himself, of course, wasn’t squeamish about water. He often restored his health by taking waters. Seeing the effectiveness of such treatment, he issued the first Russian document, which had state and medical power. It was called «Doctoral rules about using water”.

Professor- pharmacologist A.P. Nelyubin, who carefully studied the Caucasian waters and subsequently wrote a work titled «Historical, medical, topographical, physical and chemical description of the Caucasian Mineral Waters», continued to develop, explore and document mineral water in the Caucasus in 1823. By and large, N.N. Zinin also made a valuable contribution to the study and writing of the treatise by analyzing the mineral composition of water. G.A. Zaharyin (the founder of Moscow therapeutic school) expressed the advantages of taking water from the doctor’s point of view. He described in details: the value of air on the area of the source, the importance of visiting the resort during the warm season and the benefits of water in bottles, which are brought home.

N.N. Zinin (portrait)

In the middle of the XIX century in Russia the system of referrals of patients was organized. Firstly they had to attend sulfur springs with «dead water», and then, just as in Russian fairy tales, they went in Georgia for reviving water, because the healing power of Borjomi was a well-known fact even at that time. Also those, who needed prevention measures, were sent to take waters.

Well, deep studying of the mineral waters began already under Soviet rule since 1920. Balneological Institute was opened, staff was hired… and you know what had happened next… 🙂

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