Excess intake of sodium is very harmful for your cardiovascular system. That’s why nutritionists urge us to reduce the consumption of table salt (sodium chloride). And what about the sodium contained in mineral water? It turns out that you should not worry about it: sodium bicarbonate contained in the mineral water does not cause high blood pressure in contrast to sodium chloride.

The studies of sodium-rich mineral waters conducted by Portuguese researchers showed that this water had no harmful effect on blood vessels. 17 healthy volunteers during 14 weeks consumed daily 500 ml of water with high sodium content (622 mg / l) in the form of bicarbonate or the same amount of non-mineralized water. Both control and experimental group have blood pressure within normal limits, so no differences were detected between groups.

Thus confirms the conclusions, which were made on the base of other similar studies: only sodium chloride (table salt) increases the amount of blood plasma and increases blood pressure. Bicarbonate and sodium citrate contained in mineral water do not cause such effect. On the contrary, mineral water with sodium bicarbonate reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps to normalize the amount of cholesterol and sugar in blood.

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