Unfortunately, truism that all the necessary vitamins can be taken from food does not always work. So, vitamin supplements on pharmacy shelves are growing like mushrooms after rain.

It is easy to get lost. But in order to provide body with synthetic vitamins in right way it is worth remembering several simple rules:

Take your vitamins in the morning


Morning is the perfect time to take vitamins. The body makes itself feel actively, so additional «feeding» only optimizes the wakening. Due to the fact, that vitamins are fat-soluble and water-soluble, assimilation will be optimal.


Talk to your doctor!


Vitamin supplement is a drug, so it should be prescribed only by specialist. Do not do self-treatment, because an overdose of vitamins is as dangerous as the lack of them. For example, Dr. Komorovsky believes that there is a huge difference between the «natural» vitamins and vitamin pills. He thinks that body often does not need vitamin pills, especially when a person eats a lot of different products. According to a pediatrician, the consequences of vitamins abuse among Ukrainians are more likely to treat, than a vitamin deficiency.


Follow the rules of storage


Vitamins must be stored in a dry cool dark place. Do not leave them in the kitchen. Firstly, hot and humid environment can quickly spoil the pills. Secondly, children can take these «delicious candies».


Take water with vitamins


Never take milk, tea or coffee with vitamins: it may interfere normal digestion and reduce the activity of the preparations. Accustom yourself to the fact that all drugs must be taken with water (room temperature).

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