Every person ate chiburekk at least once in his life. What can be tastier than flavorful stuffing in a crisp crust and juice, which dripping from a chiburekk? The most delicious would be chiburekk homemade from high qualitative ingredients.

There are a lot of different recipes of this dish, but this recipe is the simplest one and ready chiburekk is very tasty and juicy. Filling: 300 grams of pork, the same amount of beef, 3 onions, greens, water, salt and spices to taste. Dough: 600 g of flour (4glasses.), 300 g of warm water, tbsp of sugar, salt and 4 tbsp. of sunflower oil. Firstly we should prepare the dough. To do this we need to dissolve salt and sugar in warm water. By the way, sugar makes chiburekk toasted. If you use mineral water, the dough will be very soft. Add flour gradually and stir. When the dough is still thick it is medium consistency, add warmed vegetable oil, and continue stirring. While stirring add flour until the dough won’t stick to your hands. After that leave it for some time. If the stuffing is ready, you can start rolling out dough, adding the stuffing and begin to fry chiburekk.


*a mutton pie eaten in the Crimea and the Caucasus

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