Many people ask:”Why should I drink ordinary water when I can drink tea, coffee and other» tasty «beverages?» This is the greatest mistake! Liquid and water are two different things!

Body needs water! Water is irreplaceable!


Coffee and tea.

A cup of coffee contains about 80 mg of caffeine and a cup of tea contains about 50 mg. Caffeine dehydrates the body – the amount of urine exceeds the amount of water contained in the drink. It blocks the production of an important hormone of pineal gland of the brain — melatonin. Melatonin participates in the regulation of sleep and the decreasing of its production causes insomnia. Caffeine restrains the activity of enzymes, which are used for memorizing. Note: the toxicity of caffeine reduces the natural quickness of wit of predators. Predators never stay on the coffee trees. People who drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day are more likely to have cardiac dysfunction. Older people and children should not consume caffeine, because it contributes to the weakening of brain activity. Caffeine stimulates the kidneys and makes them to withdraw more water from the body than it contains in beverages. It depletes the energy reserves of the brain. When brain cells are faced with a situation requiring quick solutions, this energy is not enough for such action. As consequence, depletion and irritability after having too much coffee.



Juice of milk?


We really injure our body if we do not drink water. Juices … there are many kind of juices in the stores, but most of them are not natural. A big amount of consumed juice is not innocuous. Especially citrus juice. When you drink a lot of these juices, the production of histamine increases, which can cause allergic reactions shown by various skin diseases and gastro-intestinal tract diseases. Even natural sugar contained in juices programs the liver to fat accumulation mode, which is the best way for weight gain.

Milk … milk is not a liquid, it is food! If you can drink milk and if you like it, it is good. It means that your enzymes work well. But you should not drink milk instead of water.

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