No one knows the answer on the question: “What is the mind?” And worrying about the brain, you can always keep your mind in shape…

A person can live without food for over a month. On the 7th or 10th day of such existence, the head becomes light and thoughts become bright. However, if you forgot to have a lunch, do not count on such effect. In order to make your «factory of the mind» work well, you should provide it with uninterrupted supply of energy. Otherwise, the brain cells fall into the «sit-in» strike: they can only perform the main duties and that is all.

Rule 1. If you have to work mentally, do not forget to eat in time: 


— Eat small portions, but not less than 4 times a day. It is better to eat 6 times a day;

— If you drive a car, be sure to have breakfast. Hunger can lead to weakening of attention and provoke sudden dizziness;

— It is advisable to take a product with you if you got stuck in the traffic jam of at the long meeting;

Rule 2. For maximum mental performance consume carbohydrates:


— Keep near yourself a bag of dried fruits when you are at work. They have the ability of quick saturation of the brain with needed glucose and thus they are much more useful than just sugar or candy. It your dinner contain a little amount of carbohydrates, you can supplement it by eating dried fruits.

— Do not resist if you suddenly want to eat something sweet. It is likely that your brain urgently needs extra energy;

— Eat more fruits, they have a lot of carbohydrates and they are low in calories.

Rule 3. If you want to think clearly, eat varied food:

— Do not focus on the same products. Add some new products to the diet from time to time;

— If you constantly limit yourself in food, be sure to take vitamin complexes and special food supplements after the consultation with a doctor;

— Eat fish as often as possible. It contains substances (that activate the brain) and iodine (its deficiency leads to a weakening of mental activity).


Rule 4. To maintain your brain in good shape, take at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

— Most sweet beverages with bubbles contain substances that contribute to further dehydration of brain cells. Replace them with mineral water. Drink freshly squeezed juices. They quench thirst perfectly and nourish the brain cells. They also contain the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Rule 5. If you want to have a bright head, breathe:

— Do not forget to ventilate the room, in which you spend a lot of time;

— Get a dog and walk with it two or three times daily;

Rule 6. If you want to keep your mind young, do exercises: 

— If you have to sit for a long time at home or at work, do exercises for the head, tilting it and back and forth. It will remove the tension of the neck muscles and improve blood circulation in the brain;

Rule 7. If you want to have a strong mind:

— Set a goal to learn at least one foreign language;

— Help your younger brother of your child to prepare for the test in chemistry;

— Solve puzzles as often as possible.

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