«Water is not so good. I once drank it. It does not slake thirst.» These are the words of an old drunkard Omar. You should not be serious about it, because the poet used this hyperbole to express his love for wine. Of course, he drank water.

Alcohol dehydrates the body tissues. When you have hangover, water shortage is about 2-3 liters. That is why it is recommended during the first 2 hours after waking up to drink 1.5 liters of liquid and continue to drink it throughout a day as much as possible. In such way it is possible not only to compensate the lack of water, but also to get rid of toxic products in your body formed by the decay of alcohol. People with high blood pressure (especially lower, so-called diastolic) should be careful in drinking water. Excessive fluid intake can cause high blood pressure.

If you cannot control the pressure, pay your attention on indirect evidence appearing after taking water: heaviness in the occipital region, a throbbing headache, repeated vomiting, flashing «flies» before your eyes.

If you have these symptoms, you should limit the amount of fluids and take diuretics, for example, herb decoction. To reduce the pressure it is recommended to take a pill reducing the pressure (according to prescription).

In order to avoid the vomit, do not take fluid in one gulp, but take little by little: about 1-1,5 L within the first hour and a half. It is quite enough to reduce the concentration of toxic substances in the body.

But it is not enough only to drink water. Body wants to fill in lost substances: salt, easily digestible carbohydrates and vitamins; and also to renew the acid-base balance. Drinking is the most efficient way to do this if you take not only water, but also various liquids.

Indeed, Khayyam was right. Water can easily quench a thirst of the desert traveler, but it is unlikely to quench the thirst after hangover. Yes, water can moisturize dry mouth and begin to restore the fluid balance in the body. However, it will not return substances, which were lost because of the alcohol; it will not be able to remove poisonous fusel oils and remains of undigested alcohol.

You should remember, the excess water can wash away necessary salts, for example, potassium salts and lead to salt imbalance. Therefore, do not drink common water when you have hangover thirst, because you will only get worse. You should take special water.

But the body after hangover suffers from a lack of potassium and magnesium. So the consumption of salted water will not help you. Because it contains only sodium chloride. In fact, potassium ions are capable of well-assimilated by the body only in the presence of sodium ions.

Mineral water can help you. The most helpful are bicarbonate waters, such as Borjomi, which is salty alkaline. Besides the fact that such water has a wide range of different salts, it can prevent cramps and it also has anti-inflammatory effect. The result will not be slow to affect. Heartburn, unpleasant heaviness in the stomach and regurgitation will disappear.

The only thing you have to do is to open the bottle and remain it for a while in order to get rid of bubbles.

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