Each of us before the upcoming vacation thinks seriously about losing extra pounds because there is a reason and opportunity. It is very hard to care about the figure when you are all day at work. So the vacation is a perfect time to care about your figure. But too often, however, being near the warm sea, we cannot stand in front of thousands of small temptations that ultimately lead to the fact that the vacation becomes a cause of extra pounds. How can we avoid such problems?

• Avoid «fast foods». High-calorie food contributes to the rapid weight gain. And if you do not want to spend time cooking during a vacation, you should replace all sorts of burgers on the cheese, yogurt and fruits, which can be found in many nearby shops. Yes, and also you should throw away your favorite Coca-Cola and begin to drink mineral water and iced tea, because these beverages refresh and they are healthier.

• Of course, you should not completely refuse from something delicious. However, in our case “something delicious” should be any original dish of fish or new unknown vegetable salad. Firstly, it is delicious. Secondly, you will not get upset because of the fact that the pants are too tight for you.

• Do exercises. Probably there is one or two sport clubs or even playground located on the area of the resort. Do not pass them by – exercises burn extra calories and give a charge of vivacity to your body. In addition to exercises, walk in the evening; forget about elevators and escalators by replacing them with the usual steps. Swim a lot.

• Activities. There is nothing healthier than an active pastime. Of course, it is good lying on the beach, however, all sorts of excursions, hiking trails, biking will improve your mood and reduce extra pounds.

• Follow the regime. If you have not gone too far from home and the difference in time zones is not so noticeable, then there should be no problems with the regime. If you went to rest in another country, try to follow such rule: the interval between the meals should be no more than four hours. In such case you will save yourself from overeating and extra weight.

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