This woman, perhaps, is the most versatile talented creator of all that I know among Georgian artists. The thing is that she doesn’t advertise herself. At the same time her directing works are actively watched, bought and spoken… she is spoken little. Why is it so? I do not know.

Why did I mention her? What does she have to do with the Borjomi source? Well, actually, because of the fact that these two characters behave almost the same: they both were born in Georgia, they are both loyal to their homeland and passionately fond of it, both are well-known around the world, both are crystal clear (sorry for banality) and both do good things. Source is good because of its healing properties and taste characteristics, Nana because of her craftsmanship, interesting vision of the world and capacity for work. But in what field? Of course, the question is interesting:)

So let’s start.

Nana Givievna Djordjadze was born August 24, 1948 in Tbilisi. Currently she is 60, but she still makes movies, which are very popular. Have anyone seen «Moscow, I love you» or «Meteoidiota»? Must see. These are her quite new works.

She came to direction not at once. When she was young she graduated from Music College in 1966. Then from Architectural Institute. Around this time the hippie movement gradually came in the USSR life.

Under the influence of hippie movement Nana got not only passion for wide and bright clothes, loud jewelry in the style of hand-made, but also a love for humanity and love for every person with all the vices, weaknesses and fears. Each of her directorial work is full of perfect acceptance and forgiveness with a minimum of condemnation … I probably would not be wrong if I say that there is no condemnation in her works at all. Interesting and peculiar humor, bright colors, ambiguous situations. In general, you have already understood that I love her movies and that I am keen to promote her.

In 1968 she participated in student demonstrations against the bringing Soviet tanks into Czechoslovakia and got into the list of those, who are not permitted to travel abroad, which slightly spoiled her professional prospects. Even being blacklisted, she participated in festivals. Her film works were appreciated so much that sometimes they were literally stolen by potential organizers of future festivals. But it all happened a bit later …

At the time of hippies Nana often went hitchhiking, which was only becoming to be a trend in the Soviet Union. She hitchhiked not only on the territory of her native Georgia, but also on those places, where for many years hippie existence was noted by all members of this movement: the Crimea, Altai, Baikal, the Carpathians, St. Petersburg … Sorry, Leningrad (during those years).

She had a huge backpack. She walked with it through the mountains of her home country. She also had a tent, in which she and her friends often slept in a forest or on the coast.

I cannot say exactly, but I have a strong suspicion that because of her interest in cinema art, she could have travelled from Borjomi to Bakuriani (thanks to Daneliya’s movie).

Informal movement that seized thousands of young and not young people had a different influence on them. Someone lives in such way until now. Having tasted all the charms of liberty, and taking out all good things from hippie movement, Nana continued to study. She continued to study film direction.

In 1974 at the height of «flower children» movement in the world, she enrolled in the Tbilisi State Theatre Institute, Department of directing ruled by Tengiz Abuladze, who made sensational film «Repentance» during the restructuring. I will tell you about it later. Also her teacher was a director Irakli Kvirikadze, who later became her husband and closest colleague. They had a number of joint works.

After graduation Nana began to receive prizes and other signs of recognition one by one, but still she wasn’t popular. Of course, she was talked about, but not so much as Nikita Mikhalkov or even Kira Muratova. It seemed that Nana was interested in creative process and the learning process of life in all its aspects. She was not interested in glory and fame.

In 1982 she won the prize of Lenin Komsomol of Georgia, 5 years later she won «Golden Camera» of Cannes Film Festival for best debut. She worked as a director in 16 films, as a screenwriter — in 10, as an actress — in 5, as an artist — in 2. All specialties, which she had learned, were useful.

She filmed «27 Stolen Kisses», «A Chef in Love”, “Journey to Sopot », « About Georgia »… I cannot tell you what to watch and what not to watch. You should watch films, which are understandable for you, because Nana made films not only in Russia and Georgia, including not only Russian-speaking and Georgian actors. However, there is always someone to dub good cinema:)

Pierre Richard calls her with indignation: “Am I not to act in your new movie?» And she responds: «You will, you will» and begins to think up about the image made specially for him (by the way, it is real history).

Now she works in Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Tbilisi. It is hard to find her at one place. She still wears wide bright dresses and jewelry in hippie style. No one knows her true age. She is really ageless:)

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