To overcome the unpleasant consequences of excessive gluttony, you need to analyze your lifestyle and nutrition in accordance with the age and physical activity.


Reasons of overeating:

1. The phenomenon of suppressed appetite. One of the main causes of overeating is a hunger that you constantly feel, sitting on a low calorie diet.

2. Increased appetite associated with emotions. Some people overeat under the influence of strong stress.

3. The need for carbohydrates. The fact is that carbohydrates affect the chemical processes occurring in the brain. They stimulate the formation of serotonin (the hormone of happiness).

4. Another cause of malnutrition is ignorance concerning the beginning of the meal. It is not recommended to begin the meal with grilled, boiled or fat product, because it is slowing the digestive process. You should start your meal with raw vegetables in salads, or drink a glass of mineral water20-30 minutes before meal.

5. Inconsistent eating and reading or watching TV, because it reduces the control of food intake.

6. The habit of fast food, eating on the go is always accompanied by a poor chewing, which significantly slows down the process of digestion and satiety. As a result, to stave off hunger you eat more food than necessary.

7. Common cause of overeating is overfeeding in early childhood. Mother and grandmother try to persuade or intimidate the child, forcing to eat excessive amount of food.

8. Some experts believe that one reason for overeating is that very few people smell the dishes. But flavour of food is passed into the hypothalamus of the brain, which controls our appetite. Of course, it is not enough just to smell the dish to satisfy your hunger, but if you enjoy the smell of your dish, you will eat less food.

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