A lot of things are written in magazines and newspapers: it is bad; if you eat this, you will get fat; this spoils your complexion. And what fearful woman shall do? Drink low-fat yogurt and cry at night from hunger. Are there diets good (which are shown on the pages of different magazines)?

You can find flaws in any diet. But the most reasonable and reliable way to lose weight and stay slim during a long term is to forget about all sorts of diets, and begin to follow the principles of healthy nutrition.

Of course, the result will be seen in the future.


1. You should increase expenditure of energy (physical exercises). Go upstairs on foot, walk as often as possible. The ideal variant is to visit a gym.


2. Low the calorie content of food. And try to do it in such way, so that not to cry from hunger.

3. Drink green tea instead of black tea. Green tea speeds up metabolism and helps you to lose weight. In addition, it has antioxidant properties, which contributes to health strengthen.

4. Drink mineral water instead of soft drinks. Every glass of soda water contains about 150kkal. So by drinking a glass of cola every day you can gain 1 kg of fat in 2 months! A glass of mineral water contains 0 calories and beneficial minerals, which are very necessary for our body.

5. Eat lean meat instead of fatty meat. But it is necessary to eat meat.

6. Try to eat fish and other seafood at least 2-3 times a week. Sea products contain not only an easily digestible protein, but also iodine, which is very healthy for the thyroid gland and it regulates the metabolism in the body.

7. If you love ice cream, buy frozen juice.


The list is long. But you can give yourself a little indulgence from time to time.

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