Among other things Tamriko is not just a famous singer and a beautiful woman, but also a representative of one of the oldest Georgian noble families Gverdtsiteli. However, she is only half Georgian. She was born in Tbilisi in 1962. Her mother Ina Coffman was born in Odessa and she was a teacher of Russian language and literature. Tamriko says that she devoted herself to music because of her mother. 

She started to take an interest to music quite early – when she was 3 years old and almost immediately entered a music school in Tbilisi Conservatory. In the age of ten she became a soloist of child pop ensemble “Mziuri,” which despite the young age of its members, successfully toured throughout the Soviet Union and also Europe (socially inclined children sometimes were allowed over the Iron Curtain).

It is believed that the child’s mind is quite heavily adapted to such early star fever, which begins at 9 out of 10 cases of early fame, but Tamara was an exception. Despite the fact that she was shown on television and was recognized on the streets of Tbilisi, she was just a child, who was trying to live a standard children’s life. It is the prerogative of the strong personalities and Tamriko is such personality. This fact helped her to live stable life and work in mature years.

After school Tamara entered the Tbilisi Conservatory and vocal specialized school, resulting at the same time to become a composer, pianist and singer. Starting from the age of 19 she won prizes in competitions in Dnepropetrovsk, Sochi, Dresden. In 1988 she won the «Golden Orpheus», and then began to visit Sopot and San Remo as a guest. Since then she toured on her own, and also was a jury member of various music festivals.

In 1989 she became Honored Artist of Georgia, in 1991 — People’s Artist of Georgia, and in 2004 — People’s Artist of Russia. Well, from this moment I could tell that her career flew up, however, logically, it flew up from the moment of her birth, so since 1991 Tamara … became steadily successful and recognized world’s singer, so to speak.

In 1991 she was invited to Paris, where she met Michel Legrand and Jean Dzherak. She also gave the successful concert in “Olympia”, Paris. Representing the Georgian star to the French public Legrand said «Paris! Remember this name!» And Paris remembered:)

So, the case was like this: French agent of Tamara gave an audition tape to. Legrand. And it was just that rare case when Legrand listened to the tape and liked it. After that when he called Tamriko in Paris, it was the only time when she had to improvise by singing rap. They were delighted with each other.

It should be noted that Tamara married the chief director of dramatic Georgian television studio pretty early. Margaret Thatcher had been on her wedding. However, the visit of Iron Lady had nothing to do with Tamara’s personality. It was coincidence, because government of Tbilisi decided to show the most beautiful local registry office to the British leader during Tamar’s wedding:)

Tamara Mikhailovna performs songs in more than ten languages: Georgian, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, English, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Armenian, German and others. What is more, she speaks English, French, Russian, Hebrew, Italian very well.

After Paris she with her family moved to America for some time. She is not inclined to speak frankly in public because she is hundred-per-cent Georgian woman. That is why the reason of moving to America is unknown. Tamara performed primarily for the Russian audience throughout the United States, but she sang in languages, which were known to her. Some time later they returned. Her son Alexander (Sandro) (she calls him the main man of her life) traveled with her and at the time of her return to Moscow he was almost two meters tall.

In general, Gverdtsiteli’s personal life is covered with darkness. They say she had love affair with a Boston lawyer in America, that is why she and Sandro lived in Boston for a while. But it is all just gossip. Well, this woman always attracted man’s attention. But here arises an interesting question: could she be happy with all her supernatural ethnic Georgian independence, self-sufficiency and occupancy?

Had Tamara Gverdtsiteli ever failed? Of course. Had she ever got into a mess? Yes, she had. While she was performing in Afghanistan to troops, the bombing started. So she had to continue the concert at the shelter by candlelight. In Odessa after a series of long-distance touring moving, she suddenly became ill, she lost consciousness at the airport and she had to stay in bed for a long time. The doctor demanded a complete change of lifestyle to such scheme «kitchen-kids-church». But Tamara didn’t agree with doctor’s decision. Tamara got up and rode away.

When she is asked “What are you doing now?”, she always answers the same: «Music. What else?.. Because it’s my Destiny.» The Georgian mentality always respects and worships destiny. However, Tamriko is not just simple Georgian woman. Once Nani Bregvadze said about her: «she managed to overcome the attraction to her native land and she left»… and added: “well, if I was so in music, I could understand her”.

Frankly, all those little girls (members of ensemble «Mziuri”) haven’t become professional musicians except Tamriko. Why? Maybe they couldn’t work that way.

The most amazing thing is that during 30 years of musical activity only 2 albums were released. There are a lot of plays, operas, collaborative music projects, concerts and tours, but there only 2 albums.

So that was the story of her. Luckily, it is unfinished because the main character of it is alive 🙂

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