In March and April, our body is as a marathon runner on the complex distance from winter to spring. There are some symptoms, which show the spring weakness: sluggishness, frequent colds, circulatory problems, sleep disturbances. It is hard to concentrate in spring. Also forgetfulness increases.

Vitamin reserves are exhausted; free radicals are accumulated, which damage the blood vessel walls. That is why hair loses shine and the skin becomes dry and rough. There is a lot of accumulated (during the winter) melatonin (sleep hormone) in the body, but serotonin (hormone of happiness) is not enough. And all this creates fatigue and weakness.

 How to help the body?


Change your nutrition habits. In order to get rid of toxins in the body, it is recommended to vegetables and wholemeal bread instead of meat and products from high-grade flour. If you drink more water, you will help the kidneys to cope with the general cleaning in the body. You should include the first greens and sprouts in your diet, as well as chocolate (it increases the level of serotonin), dried fruits or fresh fruits (bananas, kiwi), walnuts and fresh juices.

Take vitamins. Along with tour diet you should take vitamins, which are specially provided for the strengthening the body after winter; and vitamin-mineral complex preparations.

Find time for outdoor activities and sports. After a hard day’s work it is desirable to take a walk or to jog. It is not necessary to load yourself with a long tiring run – it would be enough just to feel the quickened pulse and rapid breathing.

Smile. Smile on our faces is peace in our hearts. Laughing and smiling are guarantees of cheerfulness and happiness. Therefore, inspire yourself and others – smile!

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