So, today we’ll talk about clever, beautiful, talented and wise woman, who was also born in Georgia and also starred in the movie. However, she has nothing to do with football (soccer). But sometimes she had to watch it, because Kote during the commenting made an appointment by using speech cipher (in my previous post I talked about it).

Official data: she was born May 21, bloody 1937 in Tbilisi noble artistic family. Her father Mikhail Edisherovich Chiaureli (1896-1974) was a director, People’s Artist of USSR and very talented person. I can even suppose that Sofiko chose a husband in the image of her fully talented father, who was artist, sculptor, actor, who could play many instruments and spoke a lot of languages.

Her mother was a tragic actress Veriko Andzhaparidze (1890-1987), who was greatly admired by her son-in-law Kote. She came from a long line of princes of Kutaisi.

(Veriko Andzhaparidze)

(Veriko in the movie «Do not grieve», co-starred with daughter)

It is said that at the peak of fame of Sofiko in Georgia there was saying: «Lord, give me happiness, a good husband and beauty of Sofiko». In this case people meant not abstract Sofiko, but exactly Sofiko Chiaureli…:) However, our heroine didn’t consider her appearance to be extraordinary. When she was 18 years old she was invited to play a role in degree work of Otar Iosseliani. She had to play neglected and drinker mature woman. She gave a lot of work to make-up artists and stylists, because they had to transform delicately beautiful girl into such careless woman:)

But let’s go few steps back. During those days schools in Georgia were separate for boys and girls. Sofiko graduated from female (of course) Tbilisi secondary school. In 1955 she got a certificate and moved to Moscow, where she managed to enter Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. On the one hand, growing up in the actor’s family was her advantage, because she knew the technical canons of the profession since childhood. On the other hand, saying “Nature relaxes with children of geniuses (that is, they are not so bright as their parents)” already existed at that times, so you had to be to be very (!) self-confident person in order to avoid comparison with brilliant famous parents. In the Sofiko’s case it could not be avoided.
Sofiko was taught by good teachers: Olga Pyzhova and Boris Bibikov. She began acting in films while her study at the institute. She made her debut in the film Rezo Chkheidze «Our Yard» («Наш двор»), which won a gold medal at the Moscow International Film Festival.

When she graduated from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, she didn’t (attention!) remain in Moscow and she even didn’t make any single movement in order to gain a foothold in this city. So she returned to Georgia and went to work at the Academic Theatre named after Kote Marjanishvili (in this theatre her mother worked). She even began to combine working in this Academic Theatre with work in another theatre named after Shota Rustaveli, where she met her future husband Kote Makharadze. Kote put pomegranates in the dressing room, in the car, on the sill in order to show his love (pomegranate is a symbol of love in Georgia). There was even documentary film about their acquaintance («Больше, чем любовь»). The thing is that initial relations between Koté and Sofiko were quite odious, because they both had families. But as the result: a declaration of love, two divorces, and then wedding.

(Grandson George of Sofiko Chiaureli)

Sofiko’s heirs: sons Nikuscha and Sandro, grandson George and granddaughter Natasha.

Well, if I write a post about a hero that has relevance to a movie, than I should mention at least some of filmography, few films. Will you allow me not to do it now, eh? Because … try to understand me: Chiaureli acted in more than 100 films, and each of these films is famous because of her! Can you imagine what would happen if I started to name them all?

Sergei Paradjanov worshiped her and invited to act in his movies. He liked to say: «Only her beauty is in my movie, she is my muse …». What is more, she were always different in every movie. She was not an actress of role. The true professional.

And now attention to all fearful ladies, who think negatively about extreme sports. This woman (fact!) jumped with a parachute at the age of 65 years, breaking all stereotypes at once. Perhaps, only Leah Akhedzhakova can be compared with her. Leah for the first time drove a car at the age of 55 and also she was married at the age of 63.

Sofiko considered herself to be «a people’s artist of the vanished civilization». Under this name she meant not the Soviet Union, but the tandem of Russia and Georgia, which began to disintegrate to her and Kote’s great regret. She also said that the most important role in her life belonged to her friends, because friendship in Georgia is a very special concept. Sofiko was strongly supported by her friends during her illness, which she got after the death of Makharadze. She died because of this illness and she was buried near her husband. Interesting fact that during the illness she sewed…

She died in 2008, March 2 leaving a huge legacy and adding herself to a list of the Georgian National Pearls.

So that was the story:)

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