Son of a person has certain cycles: the alternation of fast and deep sleep phases. Breach of this cycle leads to insomnia. It is known that the duration of sleep of people, who suffer from insomnia, is normal. The thing consists in the quality of a dream: a person falls asleep badly, waking up frequently during the night.

What are the reasons of insomnia?


It can be the result of overwork or nervous overstimulation. In such case folk medicine can help. But if the cause of insomnia is hormonal disorder, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


There are other causes of insomnia:


• Thoughts about the problems and cares. It is common for people who like to think a lot about events. If you’re going to sleep, then leave all your problems behind the bedroom door. Because if you interrupt your sleep with restless thoughts, you can get a real serious problem in the form of refractory insomnia.

• Tea or coffee drunk bedtime. It is better to give up such habit. It is recommended to drink mineral water or natural juice instead of tea or coffee.


• Depression, a situation where a person is in a stressful situation. Sleep will not become normal until this problem is solved. It is better to refrain from taking sleeping pills, and consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

• An empty of filled stomach.

• Uncomfortable bed or some inconvenience in the room. Cause of poor sleep may be heat in the room or intense cold.

• Neighbours. If you have sensitive ears and your neighbours are having wild feast. In this case medicine is powerless. It is issues to law enforcement agencies.

The British believe that good sleep have those people, who asked for forgiveness from all those with whom they have had the quarrel.

Therefore it is better to let go all your grievances and think about something pleasant.


Music therapy.


Some people recommend treating insomnia by listening to choir, works of Tchaikovsky, Sibelius waltz. Grieg’s suite «Peer Gynt» and «Dreams» by Schumann also calm. Schubert’s «Ave Maria», «Moonlight Sonata» by Beethoven, «Waltz» by Shostakovich, works of Sviridov reduces irritability and help you to relax. Music in the style of jazz has a positive effect.

If insomnia is associated with depression, nocturnes, elegies, lullabies and instrumental melodies will help you to get rid of insomnia.


In order to get rid of fatigue after a working day, listen to «Four Seasons» by Tchaikovsky and «Morning» by Grieg. Works of Mozart give pleasure and improve mental abilities.

The positive charge of the symphonies and sonatas will help you to forget all the troubles of the day and make you fall asleep without taking drugs.

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