Way to the top.

«Khrushchev was not the man who could allow anyone except himself to form foreign policy. He was full of foreign policy ideas and initiatives. The minister with his apparat must «Bringing to mind», process, validate and formalize. (A. M. Aleksandrov-Agentov).
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Khrushchev”? Apartment in Khrushchev buildings – are small apartments in a hastily constructed buildings throughout the former Soviet Union. Maize, the American conqueror of Europe and the CIS. And a lot of anecdotal stories connected with wild disposition of Nikita Sergeyevich. Like most executives in the Soviet regime, Khrushchev was an ordinary villager. The first years of his life were spent in the province of Kursk, where Nikita worked as a shepherd between studies and household chores. He studied to become a locksmith. But after the graduation he went into the mines, which saved him from participating in the hostilities of 1914. However, even in the 1918 Khrushchev actively took part in the Civil War.
After the war he moved to Moscow, where he makes the first steps toward a career. He enters into the Industrial Academy and becomes secretary of the Party Committee. Slowly but surely creeping into power. During the Great Patriotic War Khrushchev organizes military actions. The victory over Germany brought Khrushchev to the rank of lieutenant.

Myths and true stories about Khrushchev.

Despite the distressful rest with Stalin, Khrushchev liked to have a good time. However, instead of drinking alcohol he took Borjomi. Due to regular drinking parties with Stalin, Khrushchev had taught himself to drink water instead of vodka.

Khrushchev’s son, Sergei, said that Jane Thompson (the wife of U.S. Ambassador) presented a special little glass to Khrushchev.

«It is made of thick glass: it may seem that you can pour 60 grams of liquid in it, but it is possible to pour no more than 15. During the parties my father often said “brimful” and he poured Borjomi.”

Khrushchev in a tent near a pond at «dacha” 1960.

Khrushchev and Furtseva (Minister of Culture) liked to fish in “distant” dacha, which was built for Stalin and then passed into use to subsequent governors. Furtseva was exceptionally lucky in fishing. That is why a scuba diver was sent to river to stick living fish on a fish hook of Khrushchev’s rod. So Furtseva could not have managed to catch fish because of scuba diver.

Also Khrushchev didn’t like wasting of money. Any state needs, projects and construction were tested and refined. Even the famous Khrushchev buildings were designed easily and economically.

«I remember the construction of White House in Moscow… When it crawled out from under the ground, my father drove there and asked: “What are you building?” He was answered: «The Council of Ministers of the RSFSR”. Then Khrushchev called: “Who has allowed to build?” Polyansky : «You!» Khrushchev: “Give me the resolution!” After that he crossed out the resolution. The White House was finished after the resignation of Khrushchev.»

Sergei Khrushchev.

By the way, some words about the shoe, which supposedly was hit by Khrushchev. On the day of the incident the UN discussed the uprising and the destruction of communist-minded in Hungary. Khrushchev and the whole Soviet delegation were trying to disrupt the meeting gently. Nikita Sergeyevich put of the sandal and shook it high above his head in order to show that a pebble stuck in it. Then he put it on. In such way he showed that he was tired of the discussion.

Khrushchev, the U.S. and Borjomi again.

Some words about well-known maize. Khrushchev, being in high spirits, threw maize into importunate American journalists. Maize was not a whim of the Secretary General. Thanks to Khrushchev, maize spread across all European and CIS countries. At that time he became aware that the best food for cows is maize mixed with peas.

In response to the hospitality of Americans, Khrushchev gave the go-ahead for the exhibition of inventions of USA in Moscow. President Nixon, who arrived that time in Moscow with a visit, personally led Khrushchev to the stand with «Pepsi Co», where the president of company Donald Kendall poured some cola to General Secretary.

Khrushchev took a sip from the glass, grimaced and said frankly: “Smells like shoe polish! It seems that this Pepsi is made of shoe polish. Our mineral water is much better. Try it!” The guards immediately took a box of Borjomi and gave it to the Americans.

During the «American tour» Khrushchev was no holding back emotions, praising life in the Soviet Union in response to each innovation in technology or in government structure presented by Nixon.

The most famous quotes of Khrushchev:

• If Adenauer were here with us in the sauna, we could see for ourselves that Germany is and will remain divided but also that Germany never will rise again.
• Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.
• We’ll show you the beetle’s mother (kuzkina mat)
• If I am hit on the left cheek I hit back on the right cheek so hard that the head might fall off.
• Even an animal becomes kinder when well fed.
• Goals are clear, objectives are defined, let’s work, comrades!
• Every year humanity takes a step toward Communism. Maybe not you, but at all events your son will surely be a Communist.

One of the most brilliant speeches of Khrushchev is preserved on videotape. As you see, «Borjomi» is shown too

Maybe he was an eccentric person or a great lover of his country. We will never know. His memoir, of course, will tell a lot of interesting versions of many things happened in USSR. But as any other sources of information, memoir show only one version. Who knows which one is correct. Maybe yours?

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