If you have managed to lose weight, it does not mean that all problems are solved forever. Those, who want to be slim, should very wisely and carefully make the menu. You should plan your meals during the diet and after it.

In such case these simple rules will help you:


1. Eat a lot of vegetables. They contain vitamins and minerals and can easily satisfy your hunger.

2. Eat lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and products, which contain carbohydrates: potatoes, foods made of flour, meal, and rice.

3. Even if you’re in a hurry, do not eat whatever comes to hand. Apples and fatty yogurt are low in calories and have all necessary substances.

4. Follow the example of the French, who begin a lunch with salad. It satisfies the initial hunger. A glass of mineral water drunk in 10 minutes before meal has the same effect.


5. If you just want to have a snack, drink a cup of low-fat broth.

6. Eat only fruits during one of the days of a week.

7. Eat less sweet as rare as possible. It should be your rule!

8. Do exercises regularly. In this case ideal sports are jogging, swimming and cycling.

9. Weigh once a week. But no more!

10. Do not eat up the remainder of food. It is better to keep the rest of food in the fridge. In such case you can take it and have a snack.

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