The main prevention of alcohol poisoning is its moderate consumption. But along with this, there are several ways about how to reduce the toxic effect of alcohol.

Firstly, different drinks have different effect. Less toxic are vodka, brandy, dried grape wines. For the major part these drinks affect on the cardiovascular system, for the less – on the liver. However, port, vermouth and demi-doux wines have negative effect on your liver.


Secondly, in order to slow the absorption of alcohol, you should eat before the party. It is better to choose products, which contain large amounts of protein or cellulose, for example, meat, pickles, potatoes.


But if you forgot to eat and alcohol is beginning to be absorbed, in such case you should take adsorbents, which absorb toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. For example, it is an ordinary charcoal. Take it according to this simple calculation: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.


The effective way of reducing the toxic effects of alcohol is drinking plenty of fluids: juices, fruit drinks and mineral water. Mineral water changes the acid-alkaline balance to the alkaline side. When you have an alcoholic intoxication, the acid-alkaline balance is approximated to the acid side; therefore the consumption of mineral water will be particularly relevant.


If you do not have the propensity to diabetes, you should take glucose and ascorbic acid (preferably intravenously). However, if there is no one to make an injection, the ascorbic acid can be taken orally in a soluble form of an effervescent. Sweet grapes can replace glucose.

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