Today we will look through frequently asked questions and obstacles to our new habit: 8 glasses of water a day.


1. I cannot drink such a big amount of water.

Firstly, it is not so much. 4 glasses before lunch and four glasses after (fear has big eyes). Start to drink it by little sips without fanaticism.

3. I cannot drink ordinary water.

Try adding lemon to the water (it helps burn fat and it also tastes better). You can add 100 ml of juice without sugar to 150 ml of water.

4. I have a swelling in the evening.

Most often the reason of evening swelling is the fact that your body hasn’t got the necessary quantity of liquid during the day.

5. I have swelling in the morning.

The last glass of liquid should be drunk up to 20.00. Do not eat a large amount of salty and spicy food.

6. How do I know that I drink enough liquid?

Pinch your palm. The skin must quickly return to its original position. Otherwise, increase the amount of liquid.

7. Can I drink two glasses of water at once?

Yes, you can. But our task is to speed up metabolism by drinking water. To do this, try to drink water as often as possible.

9. When should I drink water: before eating or after eating?

For half an hour before a meal and an hour after a meal. In this case the incoming liquid will not harm digestion.


And in the end of the article it is worth to mention, that if you want to change your appearance, you should change your habits. Think about this process consciously and with long-term plans.

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