For every person spring is time of blossoming of nature, the first ray of warm sunshine. But along with climate change adverse events often come: the spring depression and vitamin deficiency, which do not make us happy. However, nutritionists believe that there are effective ways to go through it with minimal losses, and even more — to look fresh and beautiful in spring.

Could skin, hair and nails be better? There is no reason to lose heart, because five products are able to bring everything in order. Renew your menu; do not forget about proper care and exercises and soon you will feel good spirits. So…



1. Water. You can talk a lot about the importance of water for our body, but the main thing is that pure water will revive your skin, speed up metabolism and give a wonderful feeling.

2. Olive oil. It is perfect product for internal and external use! Add olive oil in salads and sandwiches instead of mayonnaise and butter. It is also health-giving to drink a spoonful of olive oil on empty stomach. If you have dry skin olive oil can be applied to the face and lips.

3. Rolled oats. Old as the mountains, a classic is always relevant: the famous «Beauty salad» made of oatmeal, bananas and dried fruits. If you want, you can eat sprouted wheat (instead of rolled oats) by adding it into a morning yogurt or a salad.

4. Antioxidants for the skin. Strawberries, plums, beans and artichokes will help you to protect your skin from harmful free radicals. In addition, dieticians also include green tea in this group, because it takes off inflammation and makes the skin young and toned up.

5. Citrus, kiwi and other fruits. Fruits will help you to get rid of toxic substances and clean your skin. These products contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps you to get rid of inflammation, redness and dullness of skin.

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