Already in antiquity people had identified causes of aging: the body ages because it loses a lot of water. Avicenna, who lived a thousand years ago and who was a scientist and physician, wrote the first treatise about the rapid aging of a person, who doesn’t drink enough water. Avicenna made a simple conclusion after watching ripe and juicy melon during few days: in the bright sun the melon became shriveled and dry, so old age is dryness. Modern scientists said the same, but using other words: old age is when the cells lose water. Women feel it particularly acute: dehydration of the skin is the main reason for the appearance of wrinkles.

Even if a person feels very young and full of energy, deep wrinkles appear on the face and the skin becomes flabby, because skin of a face is aging faster than the body. In order to preserve the freshness and beauty of your skin, it is not enough to apply makeup; you should also follow certain rules concerning the consumption of water. Dry food is like a stone in the stomach, so the body needs large amounts of water to digest it and the organism takes the water where it can. It would be better if firstly you give water to your stomach. In Europe people usually start their breakfast and lunch with a glass of juice. In such case, the process of digestion takes place in accordance with the rules.


The amount of consumed water is very important when if you have extra weight. Listen to your body and try to understand: it wants to eat or to drink. It is possible that you just put down a natural sense of thirst, so you do not feel that your body needs water to drink. Many women, who suffer from overweight, try to drink less liquid. They forget that water not only quenches the thirst, but it is also responsible for the state of the blood, and it also provides the body with nutrients and has the effect on the skin condition. Premature loss of elasticity and the purity of the skin often associated with inadequate provision of water in your body. Also you should know that food also contain water.


Sufficient quantity of water promotes proper digestion process and greatly reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Without water the digestive system absorbs these harmful substances and the result is narrowed blood vessels, increased pressure and the accumulation of toxins in the body. Indicator of water balance is the difference between the excreted water and consumed water. The ideal variant is a constant amount of water. When there is excess water in your body, the water balance is positive, when there is a deficit of water, water balance is negative. These two states are highly undesirable and they can cause serious health problems. Each person has his own norm of water balance, and therefore the amount of consumed water is also different. Everyone should take as much liquid (and food in liquid form) as it excreted from the body.

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