In order to lose extra weight you should spend more calories than you consume. In this article we will tell how to spend the calories.


Eat 6 times a day in small portions — a useful myth

The followers of this theory say that the more often you eat, the more energy body expends to digest food. The truth is that repeated snacks help to control your weight: the level of sugar in blood remains stable throughout the day, so acute fits of hunger do not happen. You will not burn more calories, but you will avoid overeating, which is good.

Have a meal at the same time — the truth

It is very important and healthy to eat according to schedule. When the body receives food at the same time, a kind of «body memory» is forming, and every time before meal your body begins to prepare for it. Even hormones are reorganized. As a result, food is better digested and assimilated. And the organism does not accumulate fat tissue for “a hungry rainy day».


Drink more water — a useful myth (could be true)

If you drink cold water, your body will spend more energy to warm it. In addition, the following of water regime gives the absolute benefit to the body, especially if you are actively engaged in sports. The myth can be true if you drink mineral water instead of common drinking water.


Eat spicy products — a useful myth

If you eat something spicy, body temperature rises. However, this effect lasts no more than for 10-15 minutes, so this method cannot be considered effective. In addition, there are no reliable proofs of this theory. Another thing is that hot spices kill bacteria. Who was in India knows that there even yogurt is peppered!


Sports — the truth

Firstly, the exercises themselves contribute to additional burning of calories. Secondly, when you are doing exercises, you increase your muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories are burned each day. Thirdly, physical training brings appetite into line with energy consumption.

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