Do you want to give up smoking and not gain extra weight? Eat! But you should eat only right products. Nutritionists and narcologists confirm that there is a very effective anti-tobacco diet.

Milk helps to get rid of craving for cigarettes. It’s been noticed that a glass of milk, drunk before smoking, makes the taste of cigarettes extremely unpleasant. There is even a way to overcome the habit: soak cigarettes in milk, dry them and try to smoke. Their taste is bitter, and it is hard to smoke prepared in such way cigarettes.

Avoid spicy, salty, fried and smoked food. Such food irritates certain taste buds, which are sensitive to the taste of tobacco, and provokes the desire to smoke. Also it is better to eat spices moderately, but with one exception, which as described below.


The ginger. At a time when the hand reaches another cigarette, put a piece of ginger on your tongue suck it like a lollipop. Burning, but also pleasant taste helps you to get rid of desire to smoke a cigarette. Ginger refreshes your breath. It also necessary for smokers: it prevents the atherosclerosis and the growth of malignant tumors.


Eat more broccolis. This cabbage contains sulforapin (a substance that increases the activity of the gene NRF2). It protects the lung cells (the most vulnerable spot of a smoker) from damage by toxins. Of course, even if you will eat pounds of broccoli, this vegetable cannot completely withdraw nicotine from the body. But the cabbage will be a perfect assistant at the initial stage of giving up smoking.


Try to give up alcohol and caffeinated beverages: tea, cola and coffee. After these stimulants the desire to smoke a cigarette is getting worse, and thanks to the relaxing effect of alcohol the danger of cigarettes does not seem too significant. Drink mineral water, natural juices and herbal tea instead of alcohol and beverages with caffeine.


You need magnesium. Ex- smokers are quite nervous. This mineral effectively helps you o get rid of irritability. Main sources of magnesium: the bran, wheat germ, beets, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, carrots, chicken, pine nuts, dried fruits.


More ascorbic acid! Nicotine has been destroying vitamin C in your body for many years. So now you should fill in the sustained loss. Such products contain vitamin C: citrus fruits, peppers, black currants, spinach, sauerkraut.


Do not deprive yourself of pleasure. Smokers often eat a lot of sweets. This is understandable: giving up smoking causes stress and sweets are natural antidepressants. But try instead to eat dried fruits or honey instead of high-calorie pastries and cakes. If you cannot imagine your life without chocolate, eat black chocolate: 2-3 pieces after the meal.

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