Outside a light breeze is blowing, the bright sun is shining, and sometimes it is little rainy… And, perhaps, there is nothing insidious like spring’s cold. We trusted the calendar. All in all, it’s spring. We relaxed… but unfortunately, caught a cold.

It is very disappointing to with a warm scarf around your neck and to swallow pills in spring. But you can try to recover from illness without pills. After all, our ancestors cured sick ones without using antibiotics. We also can.

First of all, drink tea made of dried lime blossoms and dried raspberries. Brew berries and blossoms in a 1:1 ratio in cup of boiling water, let it brew and then drink. You can add two teaspoons of honey. After that go to bed. You should perspire freely and fall asleep.

When the weather is rainy, it is better to wear leather jackets because they protect against wind and rain. But if you didn’t put on a leather jacket, you should hold your feet in hot water mixed with mustard after coming home. If you have a fever, do not hold your feet in a hot water. In this case rub your feet with vodka. Tea with herbs and spices will help you to get rid of fever.


Milk helps to reduce sore throat. In order to enhance the effect of warm milk, add natural mineral water or 1 / 2 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk.


According to otolaryngologists, it is better not to drink too hot, cold and spicy if you have angina. Also it is not recommended to gargling often, especially if you have tonsils intact. Intensive gargling has massaging action, and it is not good for your sore tonsils. Pus (which is located in the folds of the tonsils) goes deeper, increasing the disease. You should gargle carefully and not more than 3-4 times per day.


If you do not want to catch cold, be sure to eat 1-2 cloves of garlic per day. In order to avoid unpleasant smell, drink milk or chew parsley. You can also chew on laurel leaves.

Good health and good spring mood!

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