Every person going on a vacation to the South expects only pleasant feelings of relaxation. But often there are situations that put us down. We must be prepared to take measures.


Trap 1. Exotic Cuisine

The main danger in the tropics is to be poisoned by exotic parasites. In order to avoid it, you should only choose hotels with a good reputation and no lower than 4 stars. In such hotels the control over the quality of food and water is on a quite high level. However, you should not eat a lot of grilled meat in tropics, because it may contain the most dangerous worms.


Prevention measures


If you have stomach upset after dinner, you should:


— Eat boiled food during 1-2 days. Also do not eat salty, smoked food, fruits, vegetables, salads with mayonnaise. The disorder can be caused by unusual products, which were eaten in large amounts.

— Take plenty of charcoal and a broad spectrum antibiotic.


Trap 2. Pirates of the Southern Seas


Warm sea, clean sand and bright parasols… In such atmosphere it is impossible to think about something unpleasant. But you can remember that there are sharks in the sea. However, on the territory of the hotel you will barely see them. Besides, most of them are nocturnal and not big and aggressive. At night hotels are usually closed in order to avoid unpleasant incidents. It is more obvious to suffer from other sea creatures, such as: jellyfishes and the brightly colored fish, skates, firefish, devilfish, morays.


Prevention measures


— Swim only in well-known safe areas.

— Dive into the sea only with a mask in order to see immediately the dangerous sea creatures if they are near.

-Do not touch underwater animals, no matter how beautiful and vulnerable they may seem to you.

— Take antihistamines with you, because they will help you to remove the swelling and pain if you are burnt of bitten.


Trap 3. Wet swimsuits


It is nice to sit in the shade on the rocks and admire the sea view. But do not do it when you wear wet bathing suit.

Some women could have got cystitis because of hypothermia, unusual physical load and a new climate.


Prevention measures


— It is very health-giving to drink alkaline mineral water during the vacation.

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