How to keep yourself in shape if you are an office worker and do not have time for gym? Nutritionists believe that the person, who is involved in intellectual work, should distribute the daily diet as follows: breakfast — 25%, lunch — 35%, mid-morning snack — 15%, dinner — 25% of calories.

It is worth knowing


Businessmen, bank employees and managers often suffer from an ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis. 

Common office menu consists of pizza, cheeseburgers, cakes and coffee. So, how to remain slim when you spend all the day in front of the computer?


A few simple tips will help you with this:


Morning exercises


Let’s start from the beginning. To be more precise, from the morning. Of course, you usually set the alarm clock in such way, so you can sleep for extra 15 minutes. Healthy sleep is undoubtedly good for you. But you can spend these 15 minutes on a few simple exercises. It is much better.


Water is the head of all


Drink plenty of water. At home. In the office. Water speeds up metabolism. Also it moisturizes your skin, hair and nails. And if you will drink more water, you do not want to eat a lot.




Even if you’re in a hurry, do not miss breakfast. A full breakfast will help you to «charge» the brain in order to work effectively in the office. It is recommended to choose products rich in complex carbohydrates, because they are being digested for a quite long time, creating a feeling of satiety. It is better to eat porridge or muesli for breakfast instead of buns and sweets.




Prefer walking on your feet, not going on bus. Think of your body that screams for help. He needs to move.




Do not forget about snacks at work. Even when you have a lot of work to do, you can always find time to eat a handful of nuts or fruits. Apples, citrus, persimmons, kiwi will be a good choice. Limit the consumption of bananas and grapes, because these fruits are high in calories.




It is better not to miss lunch. Choose products that contain protein (fish, lean meat). Eat salad for garnish.




Office exercises


Yes, yes. You can do exercises even in the office. Think of a few simple exercises that you and colleagues could do during the workday. It will help you to distract from work and relax your muscles, which are tired from the constant sitting in front of the computer.  




It is true that it is better to give you dinner to the enemy. But if you want to eat, you can eat dairy products (low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese), fruits or vegetables.

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