Doing routine tasks, many of us feel a lack of quality of mental activity. Constantly doing the same things you do not feel the fullness of life, because you force the brain to perform the same tasks. So, there is the question: how to take the path of self-education, prevent mental illness and learn something new?

Learn a foreign language

Learning a new language is a complex process, which is like the process of growing up of children. Therefore, we are like children when we start to learn another foreign language. You can pursue purely practical purposes and also train your brain. By the way, learning a foreign language helps prevent memory loss in old age.


Create a list of books to read

When we need to learn something new, we are primarily looking for answers in books. But reading should not be fragmented, it is better to develop a definite plan. Make a list of books to read by dividing them in groups according to the genre and start reading. As a part of this advice, I recommend you to read them in correct way using the method of «active reading». Goodreads or Livelib will help you to make a list of books.


Refer to art 

Educated people cannot imagine themselves without a certain understanding of art, but often we simply do not have enough time for it. Meanwhile, art is not just intuition, with a help of which we can develop our mind and perception. Try to understand one of the cultural activities of mankind, for example, visual arts. Visit exhibitions, watch movies, listen to music. It will lead not only to understanding of public and internal processes, but also to the feeling of fullness of life.


Have a good sleep

This advice should have been the first in this list, but I think this advice is quite obvious. However, the connection between good sleep and brain activity is not always clear. Well, if you try to learn some information without having a good sleep previously, then you will really understand the connection between sleep and mental activity. Lack of sleep is harmful to the brain. So if you have a good sleep, you will feel a powerful surge of mental strength.


Eat healthy food

There are many products, which stimulate brain activity and prevent memory loss. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, do not forget about the greens and grains. Seafood also contributes to a good brain work. In addition, if you are involved in intellectual work, drink plenty of liquids: green tea, mineral water. Chocolate and coffee in reasonable quantities are also good for the brain.


Make new friends

This item should have been titled «Use social networks» and it is not far from the truth. Diversity of social networks, the understanding of it and banal comparison of names and faces is a complex mental activity. You get not only an opportunity to learn something new, but also gain communications by getting to know new people, including meeting in social networks.


Play video games

It is strange advice, isn’t it? Meanwhile recent researches had shown that children, who play video games, get higher marks than their peers, who do not play. Although it is hard to imagine children, who do not play games. When we are playing difficult quests, we often have to solve puzzles, make important decisions and choose the line of the story. Do I have to say that this is a useful mental activity?


Watch lectures through the Internet

Internet is a powerful source of diverse information. And the most obvious way of self-taught is lectures. Good lectures can be found at TED or iTunes U. There are a lot of educational materials of many universities, which can be found in the Internet.


Watch TV programmes

Discovery is a good educational channel. It makes very good and smart programmes. Often it is impossible to watch them through Internet legally.


Solve puzzles

Puzzles are very useful activity. They rejuvenate the brain and prevent memory loss in old age.

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