A lot of diseases require special diet, which helps to speed up the recovering process. The cold is no exception.

During a cold it is very important to drink a lot of water or tea. Ideally, do a couple of sips of liquid every 10-15 minutes. It allows you to get rid of toxins in your body. However, do not drink glasses of water if you do not want.

You should take vitamin C if you want to defeat the virus. Citrus fruits are rich in this vitamin. However, it is better not to eat citrus fruits if you have sore throat. Instead of eating citrus fruits, drink herbal teas with chamomile, thyme and echinacea, which do an excellent job by defeating microbes and viruses. Also it is recommended not to drink coffee if you have fever, because coffee gives unnecessary strain on the heart.


If the patient coughs, you can make warm milk with mineral water. But do not make milk (as well as any other drink) too warm, because it can harm the mucosa. Milk is rich in healthy substances, including easily digestible protein. Therefore, dairy products should be presented in the diet of a patient.

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