When you see the modern cities of Europe you could easily understand which of them had a castle. Such cities still have a pretty provincial form and an authentic medieval appearance. But the cities, which tried to excel in wealth and glory the other cities, didn’t bring their truly medieval appearance this to our time. Also large industrial enterprises are more likely to be built in such «developed» cities as Plzen.



As I wrote before, there were no special and important battles and historical events in Jindrichuv Hradec. And also there are no legends about someone’s ghost. The history of the city is quite positive. Life was calm and people lived happily.


Among all famous people of Jindrichuv Hradec I can remember only Smetana. Smetana is a surname of the famous Czech composer (a friend of Dvorak), who studied in the gymnasium of this city. By the way, this fact is testified on the memorial plaque of the gymnasium.





The castle was built around the XII century. It had been expanded and strengthened gradually. The central tower (so-called «Hladomorna», or «hungry tower» surrounded by walls, outbuildings, moat) still attracts the attention. The fortress was impregnable and the tower of the fortress was used as storehouse for provisions and treasury and as a prison, of course.



Around the castle river Nezarkou flows. It flows into a castle moat, on the banks of which there are beautiful authentic houses. Some houses have moorages. Maybe they are used for boats or for rinsing the clothes in the lake.


In the XIV century Oldrich III of Hradec rebuilt the castle in the Gothic style, in 1581 Adam II of Hradec rebuilt the residence in the Renaissance style. The elements of both harmonize with each other. Of course, the castle is not only the third largest in the country, but also one of the most beautiful and cleverly constructed. Since I started talking about the size of the castle I have to mention that there are 320 rooms and 500 keys (I do not know how it is possible, probably each room has two doors with 2 different keys). I wonder whether they had only one steward or it was a big team of stewards. Inside the castle there are usual things: interiors, armour, furniture, paintings, Chinese porcelain (in those days it was the showing of richness). It is believed that there are more than 10 thousand objects of art and the same amount of old books.



This castle is a very huge thing. It has four courtyards. The first courtyard of the castle is utilitarian and guardhouse. The second courtyard is a blind little one with frescoed walls. The third one is amazing: several buildings (painted in the style of sgraffito) connected by multilevel arcaded galleries. Huge yard is empty, deserted and it is particularly enigmatic.



The oldest part of the castle complex(inside there are the frescoes in the hall of St. George, patron saint of the Knights — 1337, Madonna in 1460) adjoined to the Black Tower, which can be seen closely if pass by the well decorated with grating in the form of arch. There are even fragments of half-timbered walls. The amazing thing is a rock, on which the castle stands. It seems that the castle grows directly out of the rock.

Also the well is worth to be seen carefully. It looks like the cage for the outlandish Firebird. This fact indicates that the inhabitants of the castle didn’t fear assaults.



The last courtyard is a triangle whose base is part of the chateau and whose sides are vaulted corridors with pillars, where there are an abundance of white benches with curved backs.



Well, my dear friends, our walk around town with the unpronounceable name is about to end. Frankly, in this post I was trying to minimize the number of its name in the text. As you can see, I am trying to do it now too. For the life of me I cannot pronounce “Jindrichuv”. At least without bottle of Borjomi I cannot pronounce. Probably the history of Czech Republic is much more difficult than Czech language.


That is all, have a good day and see you next time!

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