One fine May morning someone knocked my door. Well, firstly a stranger rang the entrance door intercom and then knocked the door. It was my old comrade aviator, who returned to Prague. I cannot tell you his name because of the events, which happened after his appearance. Let us call him Havel. So we are sitting in the kitchen and having hot coffee with cold Borjomi.

Well, as usual, jokes, jokes, latest news and anecdotes.

Then he says to me:

— Misha, what are you doing next week?

— As usual, — I answered. — Work.


-What if you leave your work for 4 days? — Havel asked.

— Why? I’m surprised.


And then Havel began to tell me about his grand plan. It turned out that on Monday he was going to Mexico with a cargo of some agricultural stuff. Havel needed an accompanying person for this cargo. A man, who wanted to be an accompanying person changed his plans and decided not to fly. But the document was already processed. It turned out that on board of Havel’s plane any adult with a passport could be.

I was thinking for about five minutes and agreed. And who would not agree if he were me? Maybe just an inveterate couch potato with the fear of air travel. Because of the fact that I was not a couch potato, I at 6 o’clock in the morning on Monday I was prepared and was ready for adventure. At eight in the morning we were on board of his huge plane.

I do not know much about planes, so I called this plane Boeing. I cannot attach the photo of this plane, because the crew could have troubles. Havel and his guys are not the owners of the plane, they are only the crew.



Entering into the cargo bay, I realized how the prophet Jonah felt being inside a whale. I was impressed by the plane outside, but inside it I was shocked. I have never thought about the heaviness of cargo, which can be transported by air. Judging by the number of containers, I can say that the plane can transport very heavy cargo. What is more, a third part of compartment was empty.

It is understandable I didn’t remain in the cargo bay. I was asked to sit in the cockpit with a favour not to touch anything. We flew up.



Long-distance flights are a tedious task. It’s only in a movie a gentleman sits in a plane in London and after two minutes he is in Sydney. In reality the way from Prague to Mexico is long. For about twenty hours. I had time to read and listen to music, to warm up legs, to sleep a lot. The biggest disadvantage of this flight is… (you won’t believe in it) view from the window. Through the window there are only clouds. Quite boring.


I can also add to it a monotonous drone of the huge engines audible in every corner of the plane and jokes of the pilots, who woke me up shouting loudly in my ear: “Mihail, where is your parachute?” or “Comrade, please show your ticket!”, or “Guy, get up, it is your station!”. After such jokes all crew broke out laughing.


Well, I’m not mad. I am the passenger, I do what I want. And the crew had to be in good shape. And after twenty-hour flight we landed at the airport of Cancun.



Mexican customs is not like ours. Our Soviet customs can always find something. But here in Mexico people aren’t captious. “Documents? Do you have smth illegal? — Welcome to Mexico.


The traffic on the airport is like on the Charles Bridge on Sunday. Everything is bright, juicy and unusual. I had only one thought: I have just crossed a half of the world! Everything becomes brighter and pride for me as a traveller fills the soul. But Havel’s crew got used to such travelling, so they were not impressed as I was. They travel a lot in Mexico, India, Bangladesh and other countries.


So we were in the hot city of Cancun. But I will tell you about the city next time. Meanwhile do not lose heart! Drink Borjomi and enjoy the spring sun.


With greetings from Mexico, your Misha of Prague.

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