If someone would told me that one day I could be in Mexico, I would have laughed. The first impression is that it was hard to breathe, the air was so humid hot, that I almost fell into a swoon. Thank goodness, the hotel was nearby.

In the hotel (though not the Hilton) the air temperature was quite normal. So we moved to our rooms. Company had paid for rooms for crew, but I had to fork out a bit. It is good that they take credit cards, so I paid quickly and without problems. Well, it is clear that everyone lay down on mattresses at once. We slept for half of the day. And then, you know, we went for a walk in order to chill a bit.



Firstly, of course, we went to the ocean. The ocean was surprisingly warm. Water was like fresh milk. We were splashing around like children. Apparently, the sea water had such good influence on everybody. But an hour later a moustached man came up to us slowly. Maybe he was a lifeguard. He asked us to come out from water. We did not understand why: whether because of the waves, whether because of sharks or because of something else. So we did as he told and came up from water. Maybe it was forbidden to swim here.



After swimming a lot we went to look for food. Well, what can I tell you, my dear comrades? Food in the city of Cancun can be found almost everywhere. There are a lot of all sorts of different restaurants. Among all the cafes we choose a traditional Mexican cuisine. I think you can agree with me that it’s silly to fly through the half of the world to Mexico and go to some kind of sushi bar or cafe with junk food. I was pleasantly surprised by the receiving of the visitors. It seemed we were like kings here.



What can I say about Mexican cuisine? It is much differs from those, which is represented in European restaurants. You know, authenticity has an influence on the taste. Here the dishes are not as spicy as everybody tells. The level of spicy in dish is controlled by your desire. If you want spicy dish you can put a lot of sauce, and if you do not want dish to be spicy, do not put sauce. One thing I can say: the food is really nourishing on 200%.  All of us ate to satiety by relatively small portions.


So, that is all interesting for the first day of staying in Mexico.



The second day was much more interesting than the first one. In the morning I specified Havel’s plans. It turned out that before dinner he had some business connected with return flight, and then he was absolutely free. Then I went to the reception desk of our hotel and asked the receptionist about excursions. I wanted the excursion to be not very expensive and not very long. The receptionist and I don’t know English well, so 30% of all information we had to explain to each other as simply as possible. It quickly became clear that there was the guy Alberto, who is always hanging around here. This guy is engaged in travelling business in the hotel. So I have a talk with Alberto. He immediately began to talk a lot about the exertions in details. While we were specifying the details about excursion, Havel was free from work.



We took the simplest excursion, which was called “Jungle Tour”. It included boating through the jungle into the open sea, then scuba diving. The excursion took 4 hours. We had at our disposal the boat for two. It was very easy to steer it, even the child would understand (not telling about the experienced pilot). It is really breathtaking when you come out into the open sea and fly in all speed over the waves. In general, there is something to remember.



In the evening we went to the disco, which is called Coco Bongo. According to Alberto, it was the coolest disco in the Cancun. We entered and saw that there was absolutely no place for dancing. We were a bit disappointed because of this fact, so we took our seats at the table and waited for further event. And where was the disco? And when the music began, some of the girls suddenly climbed up to dance on the bar counter. It was interesting show! So the place for dancing was the bar counter as in America. Along with the disco there were also performances. When a number began, everyone got down from the bar counter. At the end of the disco I was so tired that I began to falling asleep. It was 4 a.m. and the time difference was considerable. I was so drowsy that I sat on a stool. Security appeared immediately and began to take me out from the hall. Havel tried to explain them that I had arrived today and that I felt very tired. But the guards were inflexible. They helped us to leave the disco and to catch a taxi, and we left.


In the morning I woke up and realized that two tequilas and Pino Colada drunk at the world famous disco were superfluous… I felt terrible. And acclimatization probably affected. I have bad acclimatization at new place. I remember when I came to Prague I was like a sleepy fly for two months. But in Mexico climate and time affected me. So, quite honestly the whole flight back I spent according to the following schedule: firstly with a bottle of Borjomi and when I was in normal condition again, I went sleeping. I woke up in Prague.


And so I came back to the Czech Republic. What can I say? I went to Mexico just to entertain, but I hadn’t seen it at all. Because Cancun isn’t Mexico, it’s Disneyland for Americans. Mexico needed to be seen in details with all these pyramids, and Indian civilization, and ethnography and a lot of other stuff. And it’s not during the one day. Never mind, maybe next time …


Good luck, good work and good rest!

Sincerely, your Misha.

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