This time I’m a bit upset because of two reasons: the first reason lies in the fact that honestly saying, my weight is the same. On the scales I still can see number 60. I cannot understand what causes it: whether I have superfluous fats and carbohydrates in my organism, or whether it is «the effect of the war» in the body ( I wrote before in which cases there is a necessity of a food zigzag if you remember. Maybe it has happened again…), or maybe it is just the lack of winter cycling, but this week I decided not to practice any diet from start to finish, but only to count the consumed calories.


It gave the needed rest from the constant food limitations and at least partial satisfaction of the longing for a favorite dish (exactly the “dishes”, not those alone microscopic pieces of fish on a plate, do you understand?). Maybe it have created a useful «zigzag» effect and … on the other hand, it haven’t allowed me to go too far and increase the weight again.

Perhaps, in such case lack of sports is even better, because now I can understand how in fact the sports influence on the improving of my figure.

But in some ways the situation has not changed at all: still I am actively practicing the self-massage and lubricating myself with anti-cellulite creams.

The second reason of my frustration is in the fact that I have to say good-bye to you all for a long time. In fact, I feel that I should make a pause with a diet for a while. Maybe I will have kefir next week periodically and I will keep an eye on my nutrition, as well as I did for 2 months, but I will not purposefully lose weight in the near future.

One of the standard ways of a weight loss is counting and calorie restriction in the diet. But that, however, requires the right method of approach.

The optimal number of calories per day is 1500, but I personally will have no more than 1200, because I have sedentary work and I work long hours. 1200 calories a day is considered to be a strict diet, but six weeks ago the calories were less 🙂

In general, more health-giving substances and less harmful in the food stored when the food is boiled, steamed or baked, but not fried or stewed. In such case the organism with great success covers its energy consumption even with a small amount of food.

The information about the calories is easy to find in the Internet and according to this information I made up a menu:

The 53rd day:


Breakfast — porridge «Hercules» with vegetable oil (200 g) and boiled egg +

black tea with honey and lemon;


(About 320 calories)

Dinner — 200 grams of vegetable soup (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions), 200 grams of boiled or baked fish (for example, hake, pollock ) + a glass of tomato juice

(About 340 calories)

Supper — 125 grams of yogurt without the filler, bread wholemeal

(About 290 calories)

Total: 950 calories

The 54th day:

Breakfast — 200 grams of buckwheat porridge with vegetable oil, 200 grams of salad from sauerkraut + black tea with honey and lemon

(About 260 calories)

Dinner — a glass of low fat yogurt, bread wholemeal

(About 290 calories)

Supper — 150 grams of boiled chicken, boiled potatoes + a glass of orange juice

(About 470 calories)

Total: 1020 calories

The 55th day:

Breakfast — 150 grams of rice, 200 grams mixed vegetables + black tea with honey and lemon

(About 280 calories)

Dinner — 150 low-fat cottage cheese, apple

(200 calories)

Snack — 2 medium apples

(About 170 calories)

Supper — 200 grams of boiled beef

150 g fresh cabbage salad, a glass of mineral water Borjomi

(300 calories)

Total — 950 calories

The 56th day:

Breakfast — 200 grams of vegetable soup, 100 grams of boiled beans, + a glass of tomato juice, toast

(500 calories)

Dinner — boiled egg, 200 grams of salad from boiled beets with a vegetable oil + black tea with honey and lemon

(300 calories)

Supper- 50 g of cheese and bread, coffee with milk

(About 390 calories)

Total — 1190 calories

The 57th day:

Breakfast — 200 grams of rolled oats, tomato, cucumber, bread + tea with honey and lemon

(About 330 calories)

Dinner — 100 grams of dried fruits and nuts (dried apricots, raisins, almonds, unsalted peanuts)

(About 350 calories)

Supper — 150 grams of boiled chicken meat, 100 buckwheat, tomato + a glass of Borjomi

(About 350 calories)

Total — 1030 calories

The 58th day:

Breakfast — 200 grams of rice, 100 grams of boiled beef + tea with honey and lemon

(About 380 calories)

Dinner — 150 grams of boiled beef, 200 g of fresh cabbage salad, a glass of tomato juice

(About 250 calories)

Supper- 200 grams of salad from boiled beets with a vegetable oil, 1 bread and 2 mandarins

(300 calories)

Total — 930 calories

The 59th day:

Breakfast — fruit salad from mandarin and banana filled with non-fat yogurt with no filler

(About 260 calories)

Dinner — chicken broth, 100 g mixed vegetables, bread + glass of Borjomi

(400 calories)

Supper — 200 grams of boiled fish, 50 g of cheese, lettuce and a glass of Borjomi

(About 360 calories)

Total — 1020 calories

So, my friends, it was the last week of torment. I am grateful to you all for the support and I am glad to acquaintance with all of you. I was pleased to be in such virtual company, that supported and encouraged me all this time. I think that it was your merit in the fact, that I have lost a lot of weight during 2 months. Thanks to your comments I felt that I was supported and I didn’t give up in the first days of a diet like many of my colleagues.

Now the situation is: I have bought jeans 2 sizes smaller and happily wear them. I have become better and more confident. I am pleased to move, to do gymnastics, flirt and I have success among man. My body has become healthier and cleaner, and I can feel it!

I plan to hold this weight for at least six months. To do this I will not eat too much cakes and I advise you to do so. Periodically, I will arrange fasting days: as I said, yogurt, apples, and Borjomi. I will control myself with scales and strength of will.

At this point I wish you a Happy New Year, I wish you to be healthy, beautiful and happy in the coming year.

Your Julia.

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