I have told you about Carlsbad in general and now it is time to tell you some specific things about the famous waters of Carlsbad.


According to the «general list» 132 water sources are registered in the city and around the city. The amount impresses. Actually, it turns out that the Czech are slightly cunning. Because the half of registered sources dried up long ago and this half is still registered in the list due to its former merits. Also some of the remaining sources are not mineral. In total there are 60 active sources, 12 of which are used for medicinal purposes. And it is not all, because the water from some mineral springs cannot be consumed at all.

Well, I am not trying to undermine the image of Carlsbad. Waters of Carlsbad are really health-giving. I just hasten to warn that not mineral waters are healthy!

And, you know, I have heard plenty of stories from visitors of my café. Yeah, they often tell me how they drank water in Carlsbad and then they were lying in the bed for 2 days with bad stomach.


But the problem is not in the water. The fact is that each source of Carlsbad is health-giving for one person and bad for other person. So you should know this and remember that water should be taken only by the recommendations of a local doctor. So if you come to Carlsbad on the excursion for a couple of days I advice you just walk and enjoy sightseeing, but not to drink water.



Well, I’ve recently told you about the number of sources and now let’s talk about the quality. Carlsbad springs vary in temperature (34 — 73 ° C), and in the content of carbon dioxide CO2, chemical composition and productivity. If I will begin to enumerate the list of diseases, which the waters can cure, I quickly get tired of writing. Briefly, Carlsbad waters are prescribed to treat for about hundred of different diseases and ailments. And it is only those cases where the beneficial effect of water was proved clinically. And I am not considering those occasions when people drink water to «clean karma» or to «remove the evil eye”.


Water sources are used not only for drinking but also for different baths, washes, irrigation and other special procedures. And usually to make the procedures you do not need to go far, because, as I have told, almost all hotels in Carlsbad have their own treatment rooms and different equipment.


If you come to Carlsbad in order to get curative treatment, you will be given a personal doctor and a bathrobe. The doctor will prescribe the procedures and you will wear a bathrobe to visit the procedures. There is nothing to shy about. It is the usual picture: to see people wearing slippers and bathrobes on the public floor. By the way, In the Czech Republic all people indiscriminately go into one steam room. No matter the age, rank, merits and the distinction of the sexes. But here it is normal scene.


In addition to the water such related materials are also used for medicinal purposes: thermal salt, mud, peat and natural gas. I confess, that about the gas I’ve read in an advertising brochure. I haven’t invented the way of using of «medical gas», and actually, I am afraid to ask doctor about it. Maybe he will think that I am a barbarian, which doesn’t believe in the miraculous properties of Carlsbad. Or maybe he will prescribe me this gas in some weird form.)))


And of course in Carlsbad there is fun (in my humble opinion) for those, who like extreme.


Thermal swimming pool in the complex of the Hotel Thermal.


What do you imagine when you hear “Thermal swimming pool”? I suppose that you imagine the cave with all sorts of stalactites and the water geysers, among of which stunned tourists are swimming as the dinosaurs in Jurassic swamp. Yeah, I also thought so at the first time. And in fact the thermal pool was an ordinary house, except the fact, that it sits high above the city. Indeed, water is not simple; it is taken directly from the thermal springs. These springs warm up the water. But the exotic finishes, and leaves room for extreme.

The extreme thing, my friends, is that the distance between the pool and locker room is 30 meters!

Water is of course warm, 28 degrees, but the air is cold in the mountains! You are opening the locker room and chattering your teeth you are running to the pool! After the swimming you are quickly running into the locker room. Hour of such procedure costs 40 Czech crowns and 30 Czech crowns for each additional hour. Be watchful, because you are sure to be asked for tickets and if there is none, then the fee will be 100 crowns.

So that was the short story about the water treatment. That certainly was a small fraction of what can be written about the Carlsbad waters. I will continue the story later, because my hand is tired of writing. That is all for today, guys! By the way, tomorrow I will go to the ancient city, so I will tell you about it next time.

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