When and who wrote “Suliko”?

In my previous post I wrote about Ilia Chavchavadze. So, I definitely have to mention Akaki Tsereteli.


The first thing I want to tell you about Akaki Tsereteli… is that not to confusing him with Zurab:) Akaki Tsereteli is not just a great friend of Chavchavadze, but also well-known national poet, beloved by all Georgians; playwright and author of the visiting card of the Georgian affair lyrics — song “Suliko”.


So, let us begin.

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Zurab Sotkilava!

We talked about the ballet not so long ago (3 posts ago). Now let’s talk about opera. As you have understood from the title, our today’s hero was born in Sukhumi. This event happened in the troubled year of the last century, exactly on the 12th of March in 1937.

Nobody knew how would end the childhood of enthusiastic soccer player, active and restless boy. Nobody could have predicted him the vocal scene, and a huge success in this field. His childhood was proceeding in such way that everyone thought that he would be involved in professional sports, particularly in soccer. The boy was so carried away with it that in the age of 16 he became a defenseman of «Dynamo» of Sukhumi. By the way, at the age of 20 he became the captain of the Georgian team. Such a great jump during only 4 years! However, this jump was in vain. He had to end his career because of sports injuries, which he got 2 or 3 years later at the competitions in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. Читать далее «Zurab Sotkilava!»

Saint lawyer and publicist

Perhaps, he is one of the brightest characters in the history of Georgia. And how could I forget about this person? He is the real fount of historical controversy, the verge of nature and … well, he is also a poet, an essayist, a Georgian patriot and fighter for the sovereignty of Georgia, the Saint (he was canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church in 1987 as Saint Ilia the Righteous), prince and a lawyer by birth (however, without completed higher education). So, let us begin the story.

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Way to the top.

«Khrushchev was not the man who could allow anyone except himself to form foreign policy. He was full of foreign policy ideas and initiatives. The minister with his apparat must «Bringing to mind», process, validate and formalize. (A. M. Aleksandrov-Agentov).
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Khrushchev”? Apartment in Khrushchev buildings – are small apartments in a hastily constructed buildings throughout the former Soviet Union. Maize, the American conqueror of Europe and the CIS. And a lot of anecdotal stories connected with wild disposition of Nikita Sergeyevich. Like most executives in the Soviet regime, Khrushchev was an ordinary villager. The first years of his life were spent in the province of Kursk, where Nikita worked as a shepherd between studies and household chores. He studied to become a locksmith. But after the graduation he went into the mines, which saved him from participating in the hostilities of 1914. However, even in the 1918 Khrushchev actively took part in the Civil War.
After the war he moved to Moscow, where he makes the first steps toward a career. He enters into the Industrial Academy and becomes secretary of the Party Committee. Slowly but surely creeping into power. During the Great Patriotic War Khrushchev organizes military actions. The victory over Germany brought Khrushchev to the rank of lieutenant. Читать далее «Khrushchev»

Koté and Sofiko: Part 2. My dear … Sofiko!

So, today we’ll talk about clever, beautiful, talented and wise woman, who was also born in Georgia and also starred in the movie. However, she has nothing to do with football (soccer). But sometimes she had to watch it, because Kote during the commenting made an appointment by using speech cipher (in my previous post I talked about it).

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Koté and Sofiko: Part 1. Football star

All my life I admired this pair of great Georgian cultural figures.

Kote Makharadze is a basketball player since his childhood, an artist by vocation, a holder of the highest standard of humour, a football (soccer) commentator, a husband of Sofiko Chiaureli and intellectual man. Nowadays there are no such men as he was.

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To some extent this man is the epitome of Georgian code of honour in the field of art, because only his family knew Tengiz Abuladze well. The moral values he placed in his works, which are understandable to those who have seen his works.

I was extremely surprised that not everyone of my generation (about 30 years old) heard about Tengiz Abuladze. It is strange. This man was much spoken about during the period of early restructuring, particularly about the fact that he dared to talk truth about the Soviet Union in his movies when it was almost impossible.

The identity of this very bright cultural figure of Georgia was hidden from the public, so I will gladly tell you about him.

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