Kharagauli and Borjomi

Park Kharagauli is brother of Borjomi if consider Borjomi feminine gender (water?) by default or masculine (gorge?). But I would not go into details, so I consider Borjomi to be feminine in the first place (water) and masculine (gorge) at the second:)

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Amiraniani. Georgian epos about a hero-sufferer

Well, I decided to tell you the legend of Amirani. It is the most famous legend of Georgia, which was born in Mtskheta and spread through the entire Caucasus.

However, despite this fact, in Soviet schools (the place where I started my education) only one paragraph in a history book was dedicated to this old Georgian legend. But later when I was filled with salty taste of Borjomi and under the auspices of this I wanted to know more about the culture of Georgia as a whole, I came across several sources, which told the legends almost completely. There are different versions of paraphrase, but I will tell you the most popular.

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Daneliya: the dzhigit of Soviet cinema

Strictly adhering to the principle “What the dude says, the dude does”, I’ll tell you about Daneliya as I promised.
His name is Georgi Nikolayevich. He was born in Tbilisi (Aug. 25, 1930, horoscope – Virgo). It is interesting that he decided to become a director not immediately after school (though, all good directors used to do the same). Firstly he wanted to be an architect. In 1955 he graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute and 4 years later he completed director course in Moscow. In fact, he even used to be a jazz drummer … but people remember him as a director.

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Mystery Man

Kafka’s novel “Castle» has recently fallen into my hands. My comrade advised to read it. He assured that this book was entertaining and he had not disappointed me. So this novel carried me away, and I became interested in the personality of the writer. Well, you know how it happens. When the book is not interesting to you, you absolutely do not care about the author. I think you are not interested in the biography of the sports columnist. I hope so.))

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How Georgia was christened, or 13 Syriac fathers

To begin with, I’ll tell you few words about Saint Nina. Thanks to her, almost (!)  final implementation of Christianity in Georgia had happened. The Georgian Orthodox Church considers this woman to be Equal-to-the-Apostles. However, it is worth mentioning that paganism took place even after Nina, so Christians had to make an effort to eradicate paganism from the country.

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Georgy Tovstonogov

Georgy Tovstonogov was born in tsarist Russia in Tiflis (Tbilisi). However, according to his sister Natela, in fact, he was born in Petrograd, and only in 1919 he moved to Georgia.


Father of Georgy was an engineer, a gentleman and a high-ranking worker in the Ministry of Railways. He expected his son to be an engineer. However, fate interfered.

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