Tamara Gverdtsiteli

Among other things Tamriko is not just a famous singer and a beautiful woman, but also a representative of one of the oldest Georgian noble families Gverdtsiteli. However, she is only half Georgian. She was born in Tbilisi in 1962. Her mother Ina Coffman was born in Odessa and she was a teacher of Russian language and literature. Tamriko says that she devoted herself to music because of her mother.  Читать далее «Tamara Gverdtsiteli»


Georgian classical writer of Russian detective

The writer, whose name is now Boris Akunin, was born not far from the Kharagauli Park. I had written about Kharagauli Park in this blog not so long ago. Zestafoni, Kharagauli and Borjomi are located close to each other; however, Zestafoni is quite a busy town, which leads an urban way of life. People go there not for rest, but for work. Well, mostly. Читать далее «Georgian classical writer of Russian detective»

The most famous Georgian hippie

This woman, perhaps, is the most versatile talented creator of all that I know among Georgian artists. The thing is that she doesn’t advertise herself. At the same time her directing works are actively watched, bought and spoken… she is spoken little. Why is it so? I do not know.

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Kharagauli and Borjomi

Park Kharagauli is brother of Borjomi if consider Borjomi feminine gender (water?) by default or masculine (gorge?). But I would not go into details, so I consider Borjomi to be feminine in the first place (water) and masculine (gorge) at the second:)

(View from reserve of Borjomi gorge) Читать далее «Kharagauli and Borjomi»

Amiraniani. Georgian epos about a hero-sufferer

Well, I decided to tell you the legend of Amirani. It is the most famous legend of Georgia, which was born in Mtskheta and spread through the entire Caucasus.

However, despite this fact, in Soviet schools (the place where I started my education) only one paragraph in a history book was dedicated to this old Georgian legend. But later when I was filled with salty taste of Borjomi and under the auspices of this I wanted to know more about the culture of Georgia as a whole, I came across several sources, which told the legends almost completely. There are different versions of paraphrase, but I will tell you the most popular.

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Daneliya: the dzhigit of Soviet cinema

Strictly adhering to the principle “What the dude says, the dude does”, I’ll tell you about Daneliya as I promised.
His name is Georgi Nikolayevich. He was born in Tbilisi (Aug. 25, 1930, horoscope – Virgo). It is interesting that he decided to become a director not immediately after school (though, all good directors used to do the same). Firstly he wanted to be an architect. In 1955 he graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute and 4 years later he completed director course in Moscow. In fact, he even used to be a jazz drummer … but people remember him as a director.

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About locomotives

This land has many names and that is why it is difficult to find the information about it in an encyclopedia. There are a lot of different encyclopedias and dictionaries, and each of them offers different names of the land. Читать далее «About locomotives»