Borjomi advises: diet during the cold


A lot of diseases require special diet, which helps to speed up the recovering process. The cold is no exception.

During a cold it is very important to drink a lot of water or tea. Ideally, do a couple of sips of liquid every 10-15 minutes. It allows you to get rid of toxins in your body. However, do not drink glasses of water if you do not want.

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Borjomi recommends: 10 ways to become smarter


Doing routine tasks, many of us feel a lack of quality of mental activity. Constantly doing the same things you do not feel the fullness of life, because you force the brain to perform the same tasks. So, there is the question: how to take the path of self-education, prevent mental illness and learn something new?

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Work in an office without gaining extra weight


How to keep yourself in shape if you are an office worker and do not have time for gym? Nutritionists believe that the person, who is involved in intellectual work, should distribute the daily diet as follows: breakfast — 25%, lunch — 35%, mid-morning snack — 15%, dinner — 25% of calories.

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Burn out calories!


In order to lose extra weight you should spend more calories than you consume. In this article we will tell how to spend the calories.


Eat 6 times a day in small portions — a useful myth

The followers of this theory say that the more often you eat, the more energy body expends to digest food. The truth is that repeated snacks help to control your weight: the level of sugar in blood remains stable throughout the day, so acute fits of hunger do not happen. You will not burn more calories, but you will avoid overeating, which is good.

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Borjomi recommends: Tips for jogging-lovers

Legs of Runner of Rural Road — Image by © Tim Tadder

FAQ about jogging

1. What is the better time for jogging?

Morning. From 8 to 11o’clock is time when our body is ready for jogging.

2. Can I have breakfast before jogging?

It is not desirable. It is better to drink carrot or fresh orange juice 40-60 minutes before jogging. If you run not in the morning, then do not do it on a full stomach: the last meal should be no earlier than two hours before jogging. Продолжить чтение «Borjomi recommends: Tips for jogging-lovers»