Borjomi improves skin


Already in antiquity people had identified causes of aging: the body ages because it loses a lot of water. Avicenna, who lived a thousand years ago and who was a scientist and physician, wrote the first treatise about the rapid aging of a person, who doesn’t drink enough water. Avicenna made a simple conclusion after watching ripe and juicy melon during few days: in the bright sun the melon became shriveled and dry, so old age is dryness. Modern scientists said the same, but using other words: old age is when the cells lose water. Women feel it particularly acute: dehydration of the skin is the main reason for the appearance of wrinkles.

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5 elements of beauty


For every person spring is time of blossoming of nature, the first ray of warm sunshine. But along with climate change adverse events often come: the spring depression and vitamin deficiency, which do not make us happy. However, nutritionists believe that there are effective ways to go through it with minimal losses, and even more — to look fresh and beautiful in spring.

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Borjomi helps to get rid of insomnia


Son of a person has certain cycles: the alternation of fast and deep sleep phases. Breach of this cycle leads to insomnia. It is known that the duration of sleep of people, who suffer from insomnia, is normal. The thing consists in the quality of a dream: a person falls asleep badly, waking up frequently during the night.

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Borjomi cleanses the body from free radicals


In March and April, our body is as a marathon runner on the complex distance from winter to spring. There are some symptoms, which show the spring weakness: sluggishness, frequent colds, circulatory problems, sleep disturbances. It is hard to concentrate in spring. Also forgetfulness increases.

Vitamin reserves are exhausted; free radicals are accumulated, which damage the blood vessel walls. That is why hair loses shine and the skin becomes dry and rough. There is a lot of accumulated (during the winter) melatonin (sleep hormone) in the body, but serotonin (hormone of happiness) is not enough. And all this creates fatigue and weakness.

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Borjomi normalizes functioning of kidneys


The amount of water in man is 75%, the remaining percentages occur in proteins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates. All these substances are essential for normal functioning of the human body.

It is known that there are about 100 thousand of miles of blood vessels in the human body (!).The human eye can distinguish up to 250 pure hues, and up to 10 million different shades of colours. The finger of man can pick up vibrations amplitude in two ten-thousandth of a millimetre. The human ear distinguishes 3-4 thousands of sounds of different heights.

Scientists ask: how to keep these and other wonderful properties of the human body? What products are most essential to human health?

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