Experiment # 23. Battery



Batteries are always dead at the most unsuitable moment. What thing can replace battery (or chemical current source)?

Let’s take two metal plates: copper and lead (of course, thriftful manager has it). Let us call them (plates) electrodes. Lead — cathode (negative), and copper — anode (positive).

Turn on a voltmeter and look… Of course, there is no electricity.

If the electrodes are placed in a container and (sic!) water «Borjomi», is added, we get almost 0.5V! If we connect in series three of the containers with the electrodes, filled with «Borjomi», we will get almost a fully sound analog of «finger» battery.

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Experiment #27. The attraction of Borjomi.



Some people think that our planet shall be called Water than Earth, because for the most part it is covered with water. I wonder whether there is an attraction of «Borjomi»?

For this experiment we will need the tube, a funnel, chemical dropper, and water «Borjomi» (of course). Also we will need something else, which is hardly can be associated with physics. Продолжить чтение «Experiment #27. The attraction of Borjomi.»

Experiment #26. Borjomi and pendulum.

“And yet it moves!” is famous catch phrase, which was supposedly said in 1633 by the famous astronomer, philosopher and physicist Galileo Galilei. He was forced by the Inquisition to deny his words about the fact that the Earth moves around the sun rather than vice versa.


Today water «Borjomi» will help us to be sure in this fact.

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Experiment # 25. Rotation of Borjomi



In spite of the fact that «Borjomi» is a well-known brand, I propose you today to do the “promotion” of this water. And it is not in advertising sense, but in…

We will need a bottle of «Borjomi»(in glass in order to avoid the squeezing of the bottle) and a basin. As a measuring device we will use a stopwatch.

The first part of the experiment: uncap a bottle of «Borjomi”, pour it into the prepared clean basin by holding vertically upside down. Full time pouring is 9 seconds. The clearness of the basin allows the experimenters and the crew to quench the thirst. Продолжить чтение «Experiment # 25. Rotation of Borjomi»

Experiment # 21. Gush of tears



The idea of following experiment was accidentally (or maybe not accidentally) casted by a volume of Pushkin.

He wrote a poem about the fountain.


So what secret has the fountain of tears? Why water of this fountain is dripping in the form of “tears”? Let’s try to imitate these «tears».

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