Going uphill on Vary Mountains. Part 2.


I have told you about Carlsbad in general and now it is time to tell you some specific things about the famous waters of Carlsbad.


According to the «general list» 132 water sources are registered in the city and around the city. The amount impresses. Actually, it turns out that the Czech are slightly cunning. Because the half of registered sources dried up long ago and this half is still registered in the list due to its former merits. Also some of the remaining sources are not mineral. In total there are 60 active sources, 12 of which are used for medicinal purposes. And it is not all, because the water from some mineral springs cannot be consumed at all.

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Garden City. Part 2

This time we will put aside the historical part of story and I will tell you about the places of interest in Marianske Lazne.

I will begin with the reason of founding this city. In the previous article I’ve told you about my version with mosquitoes. Of course, it is very funny, but really it is very far from reality. In fact, tourists are attracted not only by the beauty of parks and stunning architecture in Baroque and Empire style.


People come here because of healing springs, which come from the deep of Slavkov Forest. In contrast to Karlovy Vary springs, springs of Marianske Lazne are cold waters of shallow bedding. There are 40 springs in the city and about 100 springs in the suburbs. I will not delve deeply into the medical features and useful properties of these sources because the genre of the article will turn from popular into a scientific and the volume of text will increase appreciably.


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Castle of Duchcov

The last refuge of the great lover.



Duchcov is a castle of family of Waldstein. It is situated on the place of Gothic fortress, which was rebuilt in the Renaissance. The castle is located in the heart of the eponymous town. Everything is clear about the town. I do not want to describe it. It will be enough to show one photo. Look, everything is usual. Town Hall, plague pillar and a fountain. The whole excursion will take about “drinking slowly one bottle of Borjomi”.

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Garden City. Part 1

Marianske Lazne. The pearl of West Bohemia.

Part 1.


The most popular Czech spa is Carlsbad, of course. They are older and larger and more popular than other spas. But all these stereotypes work until the moment when you cross the boundaries of Marianske Lazne.


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Travelling across the Atlantic. Part two. Two days in Cancun.

If someone would told me that one day I could be in Mexico, I would have laughed. The first impression is that it was hard to breathe, the air was so humid hot, that I almost fell into a swoon. Thank goodness, the hotel was nearby.

In the hotel (though not the Hilton) the air temperature was quite normal. So we moved to our rooms. Company had paid for rooms for crew, but I had to fork out a bit. It is good that they take credit cards, so I paid quickly and without problems. Well, it is clear that everyone lay down on mattresses at once. We slept for half of the day. And then, you know, we went for a walk in order to chill a bit.


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Traveling across the Atlantic. Part One.


One fine May morning someone knocked my door. Well, firstly a stranger rang the entrance door intercom and then knocked the door. It was my old comrade aviator, who returned to Prague. I cannot tell you his name because of the events, which happened after his appearance. Let us call him Havel. So we are sitting in the kitchen and having hot coffee with cold Borjomi.

Well, as usual, jokes, jokes, latest news and anecdotes.

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Jindrichuv Hradec. Part 2.



When you see the modern cities of Europe you could easily understand which of them had a castle. Such cities still have a pretty provincial form and an authentic medieval appearance. But the cities, which tried to excel in wealth and glory the other cities, didn’t bring their truly medieval appearance this to our time. Also large industrial enterprises are more likely to be built in such «developed» cities as Plzen.


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