Forbidden (but progressive) City of Plzen

In medieval Europe there always were villages around the castles in order to recruit men for important personages. These villages were gradually transformed into the cities.  

The strange thing is that villages around the castles still have pretty provincial authentic look. But the so-called «free» trade cities, which had their privileges and an extensive trade, boasted each other by trying to show their tall bell tower, City Hall. Such trade cities hadn’t brought this nice medieval appearance to our time. Maybe because of the fact that they were trying to reach the progress.


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Forbidden Town of Plzeň.


Plzen is the only one Czech town, about of which I felt shy to write. Until now. Until this moment I considered Pilsen (Plzen) and Borjomi to be diametrically opposed towns. It is all because of the stereotype: “Pilsen – beer”. Well, how can I write about beer in community, which is dedicated to the mineral water Borjomi?!

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Telč. Part Two.

How are you, dear friends? Have you rested for a week? Are you ready to continue our journey through the fabulous Telč?

— I cannot hear!

— Louder!

— Well, if you are ready, let’s make few gulps of Borjomi to refresh your memory and move on.

— Where did we stop?


Ah yes, we stopped at discussing the fact that it is inappropriate to compare the Czech’s Telč with Venice or Switzerland, because such comparison might not be in favour of the latter. For example, have you ever been to Venice? Especially in summer. This inexpressible smell of blooming water and sewage, which flow down directly from the walls of houses into the channels, sometimes from the level of the second floor … heh … it is hard to forget such Venice. Sometimes it is even impossible.

So, Telč doesn’t have such disadvantages.

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Tabor — the capital of the Hussites. Part two.

We continue our journey through the ancient capital of the Hussites, the city of Tabor. Tourists like the city at the first glance. Everything here is quiet and calm. The streets are almost deserted. If there were no cars, it would seem that you were thrown four or five hundred years back. When a tourist goes to the main square of Tabor (which is named after Jan Zizka), he will see the town hall.


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As I’ve written before, there are a lot of historic places in the Czech Republic. All around are extraordinary architecture, monuments, places, where important events happened. But there is city champion in the category of «fantastic place” in the Czech Republic. It is the official city museum – Telč.

So, my dear friends, arm yourself with patience and a bottle of Borjomi, because we will go in a long and fascinating journey through the city.

At first glance it seems that Telč was built in order to amuse tourists, because its architecture is stylistically well-thought. In fact, Telč is put on the list by UNESCO in 1992 as a World Cultural Heritage and this city is not fabulous scenery, but a rich historical place.

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Kutna Hora


Name “Kutna Hora” probably is not familiar to you. It seems that there is nothing interesting for tourists. Perhaps, they go there only to put in an appearance. What special features has this place? Well, a small town sixty kilometers from Prague … The historic center, which all can be walked round during 2 hours. Antique cathedrals, the royal palace and the mint place. Pavements, narrow streets and other things in the spirit of «old Europe».

All like in capital, but Kutna Hora is a bit smaller. It is like a regional center with a population of 20,000 inhabitants.

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How much?

I think that every tourist should leave airport to visit duty free or by arriving in another country take a walk in the shopping district. It applies both to warm countries, as well as trips to Europe. What can I say, even being on a tropical island, tourists always visit shops.  Of course, Czech Republic has never been an exception in this system.


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Adventure with dumbbells

Like any normal human being, who cares about his health, I regularly go to the gym. Until now. So, the situation was common. I usually took a bag of clothes, one player in order not to get bored, one friend in order to secure me against dumbbells and one subscription to the gym, which is situated on our street. Three times a week. From eight to ten. Briskly, but without fanaticism. Still, we are not professional athletes.

It lasted until the Christmas and New Year holidays, during of which no decent person doesn’t even think about gym apparatus.

My fellow and I decided to renew our sporting pastime after the holidays due to gaining extra weight. So we came to the familiar gym and… saw an advertisement on the door «Closed for reconstruction.» Short and clear. No end date of repair or the sense of reconstruction.

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Tabor. The capital of the Hussites.

I am going to change the name of my blog. Because I write not only about Prague. It’s time to name it «From the Czech Republic with Borjomi» or “Walking around the Czech Republic with Borjomi”. Something like that. If I tell you fresh Prague gossip or political news or about problems in health care: “As a result of the protest — 30% of Czech doctors resigned, and another 30% have written a statement… blah-blah blah”, would it be interesting for you? I think that it is not interesting. My main purpose is to tell interesting things to you, so we continue to journey through the ancient Czech towns and villages. Even under a slightly outdated name «From Prague with Borjomi”.

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